Frost Gone is a covering for your car’s windshield that the manufacturers promise will prevent any icy buildup on it in the morning. They instruct you to completely cover your windshield, including the wipers, and attach to your side mirrors via the straps (after you are parked, of course). Frost Gone assures you this will keep your window ice-free all winter long.

How Frost Gone Works

Frost Gone is essentially a plastic tarp that is the size of most standard windshields (it also comes in an extra-large size for bigger vehicles like SUVs). It has straps on each side to attach it to your mirrors and an extra lining to protect your windshield wipers.

By completely covering a (dry) windshield, the makers say it will stop ice from building up and can be quickly taken off in seconds so you won’t be late for work due to having to scrape off a layer of ice. In addition, they claim you can use Frost Gone in the summertime to protect and keep cool your dash and interior.

Frost Gone Costs:

At least $27.98 – this is pitched as $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. If you would like a second one for “free,” check the box and they’ll ship you a second one but they’ll add another $7.99 in fees. These fees are non-refundable, so even if you return Frost Gone, they’ll keep that money (and you’ll have to pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Frost Gone “Cool?”

For most of the country, morning frost is a seasonal problem/danger/inconvenience so having an effective way to prevent getting out the scraper in the morning is probably a good idea. We’d just like to point out a couple of things:

First, you may want to consider such basic frost preventions as garaging your car, or even parking facing east so the rising sun melts it. If these are not viable options, old floor mats, tarps, or cardboard can also work in a similar fashion to Frost Gone. Other easy DIY methods include spraying your windshield with a 3:1 water/vinegar solution or, believe it or not, rubbing a halved onion on it the night before.

Frost Gone may be a more convenient way because it is sized to fit your car windshield, but remember it is almost $30 when you include the shipping fees. Also, when you purchase Frost Gone from their website you are agreeing to their Privacy Policy which allows them to solicit you on the telephone, through the mail, or via email with other products or services as well as share this info with “reputable” third parties. You may opt-out of these by filling out this web form as well as sending an email to: requesting removal.

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