Fresh’n Crisp looks like a tiny plastic green UFO and claims its “proprietary blend” of minerals will extend the life of fruits and veggies in your refrigerator. This may be true, but is it worth the price?

Fresh’n Crisp is marketed by Tekquest, a company based in Sanford, Florida. They are so “fresh” that the Better Business Bureau doesn’t have enough info to give them a rating.

The Fresh’n Crisp Pitch

Fresh’n Crisp tries to show you how much food you are wasting every time something spoils in the refrigerator: strawberries ($6), lettuce ($2.50) and bananas ($4), but of course this could be less (or more) depending on where you shop. They claim their product will “dramatically” lengthen the usability of these foods, saving you money. They  compare foods that have been stored with a Fresh’n Crisp saucer vs. without (carrots 18 days, lettuce 8 days, bananas 9 days). The Fresh’n Crisp batch does indeed look fresh and crisp compared to their wilted, brown, limp counterparts.

About Zeolite and Ethylene

They don’t specifically list what’s inside your Fresh’n Crisp disc, but research into similar products (see VegiFresh) suggests that it contains Zeolite, a natural mineral with highly absorbent properties. Ethylene is emitted from many fruits and veggies and those that don’t are often susceptible to the gas, which is what causes them to get limp and/or rot. Absorbing the ethylene via Zeolite or other similar minerals does appear to extend their life, although there is no verifiable timetable available as to how long.

Other Ways to Extend Fruits and Veggies

A quick Google search shows a bunch of novel (and free) ways to do a similar thing. This includes refrigerating apples, apricots, and figs, and separating them from bananas carrots, and cauliflower. Other tricks include washing, and even freezing. Type in “extend the life of fruits and veggies in the fridge” and see for yourself!

Fresh’n Crisp includes:

  • 2 Fresh’n Crisp discs (6 month supply)
  • fresh’n fridge odor eliminator

Fresh’n Crisp costs

$16.94 ($9.95 plus $6.99 S&H). You have 60 days to try Fresh’n Crisp, and if it doesn’t live up to its name, they will refund your $9.95 (but pocket the $6.99); you also have to pay to ship them back, which will be a couple extra bucks.

Fresh’n Crisp Privacy Policy

Basically, their so-called Privacy Policy states that you have none. If you do order this product, they reserve the right to not only email you info on other products, but perhaps even call or send you junk mail. In addition, they say “from time to time” they may sell your info to “reputable” third parties. You can individually opt-out of these solicitations, but it can be a pain. Visit their Privacy Policy page for more specific info.

Bottom Line: Is Fresh’n Crisp a Scam?

Fruit and veggie life-extenders seem to be filling the marketplace, with Fresh’n Crisp being the latest brand. They all use similar “technology” and reviews are generally positive, at least on where many of them are sold. If you like the concept of this product, we suggest you shop and compare there because Amazon has a better privacy policy.