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It does not work well.

Feb 15, 2017 | | IL

Every time a truck or bus a drive passed my house, the tv will lose its signal. So it's not a good product.

Clear TV Key

Jan 27, 2017 | | Middlebury, IN

This was a terrible buy. Didn't do any of the things that it said it would do. Could only get the channel that we always get.

I like it so far.

Jan 22, 2017 | | NY

I was sick of the outrageous cost of cable so I bought this product for about $25. (From the "As Seen on TV" store at the mall.) I plugged it in, did a channel scan, and in just a few minutes I had about 25 stations. Once in a while, I have to redo the channel scan so it reactivates some of the stations. The picture quality is wonderful. Pros - great picture, no cable costs, and enough channels for my interest. Cons - some channels need to be reset through the channel scan from the tv's menu feature. I will never use cable again.

Do not order

Jan 20, 2017 | | Graham, NC

The TV Key is horrible. I was scammed! As soon as I plugged it in, it didn't work. When I called to get my money back, they told me if I wanted a full refund to sell it to someone else. I was astonished. So now I have no TV antenna and I'm out $15.00.

Poor customer service

Jan 17, 2017 | | San Francisco

I called in to request a refund for the order I sent back, and Jerry (department manager) was absolutely terrible and was talking over me and would not process a refund. Unbelievable.

Does not work

Jan 15, 2017 | | Meadville, PA

This thing is a waste of money. Another piece of Chinese junk.

Very happy with my Clear Antenna

Jan 10, 2017 | | Philadelphia, PA

I paid $29.95 for my Clear Antenna more than 3 years ago. I get about 65 channels. (this one is placed in the window) all of the local channels, MeTV, Grit, Bounce, Decades, many foreign channels and shopping channels as well. I am very satisfied. Getting ready to get the TV Key to see how that works as it won't be placed in any window.

Doesn't work

Dec 30, 2016 | | Texas

This is a big lie. I I have even taken it to different parts of the house, still, would not work. I added a long cable, and it picked three stations, but the picture keeps breaking up. I also tried them on different TV still the same thing. It was just a waste of time and money.

Clear TV Key - Don't Do It

Dec 28, 2016 | | TX

A piece of junk and IMO a total scam. They charge a huge shipping fee, it takes 10 days to get it to you, and then you have to pay to return it.

Free Clear TV a rip off

Dec 16, 2016 | | Pennsylvania

I bought this product, in fact, I got two for the extra fee. It cost me $43. It or they did not work. I sent it back at my own expense and still haven't received my refund. I sent them back in October. When I called, they told me I would only get $27 back. I'm still waiting, and this is Dec. 16th. I was very disappointed. After reading reviews, now I understand why. Hope this warns others not to fall for the hype.

Doesn't work as shown onTv

Dec 15, 2016 | | CA

I bought the TV Antena, hooked it to my HD TV and got no channels. I tried several positions and still no reception. I placed my old antenna back to get my channels. The ads should be taken off the air. The actors are being payed to sell a product that doesn't work!

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