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Feet are getting better

Jun 29, 2017 | | Orlando, Florida

I have been using this product for about 6 weeks now. The first night I noticed my large toes were softer and less rough with callus along the edges. In about one week, I noticed overall softness, and my feet were less warm at night when I'd go to be - I assume the wearing away of callused skin makes feet breathe better and therefor less heat. After a month I've noticed the calluses on the heals are reduced. This product has worked better than exfoliation and any other foot lotion.

No more burning and so soft.

Jun 29, 2017 | | San Clemente, California

Since using FootMedix, I have no more burning feet. The tingling in my feet seems to be gone, for the most part, as well. And this is after just finishing my first tube. My calluses are improving and my feet seem to be softening in general. I love the feel of the cream, as it's not greasy. I think it's starting to improve my toenail fungus, as well. I am loving the product!

Great results using FootMedix

Jun 29, 2017 | | OH

Just begun using the product with excellent results. Greatly reduced dry skin.

You have got to try this stuff!

Jun 30, 2017 | | Washington DC

Love this product. This actually works on cracked, dry feet. I have several family members who are now using this product. Please don't stop making this product. I have tried other products, that promise results, but don't deliver. FootMedix works!

Calloused knees

Jun 30, 2017 | | Dawsonville, GA

My calloused knees are improving everyday. The best product I have used for my problem.

FootMedix is the best.

Jun 30, 2017 | | Florida

I love the cream. I have never seen anything work that fast. I have used several creams and nothing helped. I almost finally gave up, then I received an email and said - well, one more time I will try this so called FootMedix to see if it's going to work and I pray to God it works before I placed an order.

I am so desperate, so I went and placed my order, and since it's a money back guarantee, I said - if it doesn't work, I can always ask for my money back. I am very glad I don't have to ask for my money because finally, I see a product that works. I am so happy and placed my 2nd order.

My feet were so dry and ashy and even my leg is peeling and disgusting. I immediately started using FootMedix, and now it is all gone. You sold me for life. I don't know what you put inside but I am glad you did and I don't have to hide my feet and leg any more. I can now wear open toe shoes and sandals and don't have to worry about somebody looking at how my feet and leg is disgusting. Thank you so much for this product. Nobody is paying me to say this. I am just telling it like it is. If you have the same problem like me I will definitely advise you to at least try a tube and within one or two days you will see a difference. I forgot what the doctor's name I listened to on the video, but I thank you so much for coming up with a cream that finally works.


Jun 30, 2017 | | Dallas, Texas

I have always had issues with dry and cracked feet. I have purchased everything that I have seen that claims to rectify this problem. This is the first product I have ever used that actually cleared up my dry, cracked and callused feet. I used it for a week and noticed a difference. I have now used it for 30 days and I am amazed. My feet are callous free, crack free and the dry skin remaining is going away too. I wish I had purchased more but I expected it to fail like all of the other products I have tried. I will be buying more. Absolutely amazing, thank you for this product, it's a game changer.

I was really surprised

Jul 3, 2017 | | TX

I can't even begin to say how much I've spent trying to keep my feet healthy and the skin soft and pliable. I didn't think there was anything else to try and I actually stumbled upon FootMedix ad and thought I might as well try it since it is guaranteed. I have been very pleased with the initial results and have now signed on for the subscription delivery so that I don't run out. It is working! I know it will take more time for more healing and I'm just happy that I've finally found something that really works.

So Pleased with Results

Jul 7, 2017 | | Las Vegas, Nevada

I couldn't believe that anything could heal or just make my feet softer. I grew up running most of the summer bare footed. As an adult I still love to run bare footed. My feet were so awful, all cracked and even though I kept lotion on them all the time, I just couldn't get my feet all soft so I could wear lovely backless dress shoes. One week on Dermal Medix and I can't stop touching them to make sure I'm not dreaming. They are a dream come true.

I tried everything else

Jul 7, 2017 | | Southern California

This is the most amazing product ever. I tried everything ever produced over many years and nothing worked because after a shower all the creme washed off and feet were still rough and cracked. This product starts working immediately and even my kids see the difference! I love this product and I'm so very thankful for it. I will use it for the rest of my life.

I can see and feel the new skin growing.

Jul 8, 2017 | | Birmingham, UK

I would not have expected the results to be so quick. In my mind I was convinced that nothing special would happen. I noticed within hours that the texture of my feet started to feel totally different. To say I was surprised was very mild. It was a shock to see and feel differences in my feet.

I noticed again quickly that areas around calluses on my big toes, and areas around, and under sizeable corn was changing. The changes were clearly seeable. There were some growing pains too. I realized this pain was different to the pain of putting weight onto a corn. I know when the body heals there are growing pains, so I accepted these pains as good signs something worthwhile was happening with the FootMedix cream. Thank you.

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