Flip Up Glasses promises if you use this product you will never search for your reading glasses again. Why? Presumably because they’ll be sitting atop your head and ready to flip down whenever you need them to read.

But what’s missing from the fine print of Flip Up Glasses is who makes them and how strong they are!

The Flip Up Glasses Pitch

The Flip Up Glasses are targeted at older people who don’t need to wear glasses full-time, only when they are reading. They claim having these flip-able frames atop your nose is much more convenient then having glasses on a chain or taking them on and off when they can be easily misplaced.

How Flip Up Glasses Reading Work

This is a pair of unisex reading glasses that have a hinge. When you don’t need them, keep in the “up” position. When it’s time to focus on a recipe in the kitchen or the Sunday crossword, flip them down. They claim these glasses come in different strengths but there is no information about how to choose or order magnification levels, so just keep that in mind.

Flip Up Reading Glasses Cost:

$23.98 for two pairs. They try to disguise this by listing the retail price as $10 and the shipping/handing as $6.99, but they sneakily add another $6.99 in fees with the “free” second pair automatically included with your order. They say you have 30 days to try Flip Up Glasses and you can return for your $10 back but not the $13.98 in collected fees. They say return instructions are included with your order.

Bottom Line: Should I buy Flip Up Reading Glasses?

This product has all the hallmarks of a deceptive (and possibly defective) product. First, they do not list any company information; there isn’t a phone number or even an email for customer service. Instead, they promise this will be included with your order. Second, they say there are different strengths but give you no way to select these. Third, the combined shipping/processing fees are more than the product itself. This is a “red flag” for any “As Seen On TV” product. It means they will still make money off of you whether it works or not, in this case $13.98. Finally, the company’s privacy policy allows them to use your name, phone, email, and snail mail to solicit you with other products or services, as well as share with “reputable” third parties.

If you’re having a hard time reading the above, let us help you: Do not buy this product. Shop for reading glasses from a more reputable company.