Flexi Blaster comes from Telebrands and is an attachment to your garden hose that claims turn off and on with just the touch of one finger. They add Flexi Blaster is totally adjustable from a fine mist to a powerful stream that you can use for gardening or cleaning around the yard. 

What’s So Cool About Flexi Blaster?

Flexi Blaster says it works with any garden hose and will save you money on your water bill because you can adjust it and control the flow. They boast Flexi Blaster is super durable, enough to withstand being run over by a truck.

Flexi Blaster also states their attachment is lightweight and very easy to hold and that it is great for a wide variety of uses around the home or garden. To use Flexi Blaster, just attach it to your hose, tap it with your finger to turn it on, and water as desired, be it to blast the grime off of your car or sidewalk or gently water the begonias. 

What Will It Cost Me to Buy Flexi Blaster?

Flexi Blaster is being sold in the informercial and on the Telebrands website for $10.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $16.99. You may also order an additional Flexi Blaster for $6.99 more in fees.

Flexi Blaster Refund Policy

Flexi Blaster comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, minus any shipping fees. If you do decide to return Flexi Blaster, you need to pay to ship it back to them as well as include in writing a “detailed” explanation as to why, otherwise they could say no to your request.

Bottom Line: is Flexi Blaster a Great Idea for My Yard?

A good, versatile spray nozzle can be an asset to any home and/or garden. We couldn’t find any reviews of Flexi Blaster because when we wrote this in July 2015 it was brand new.

Flexi Blaster Secret Tip

In spite of what they say on the website and in the infomercial, Flexi Blaster will  very likely be at your local retailer that has an “As Seen On TV” Aisle. Fun fact: Telebrands makes 90% of its sales through retail outlets, where it’s often sold cheaper than the price advertised on TV. 

Telebrands ALERT

Telebrands is one of the largest “As Seen On TV” companies in the industry; as such they have their ups and downs (see our article on the History of Telebrands). In August 2014, the state of New Jersey sued Telebrands for violating their Consumer Fraud Act. The attorney general said they have received over 340 complaints from consumers claiming to have been billed for products they didn’t order and had difficulty getting their money back. Telebrands denies these allegations and the lawsuit is still pending. 

Telebrands recently settled a class action lawsuit with consumers who bought the Pocket Hose, due to “false and misleading advertising” and selling a product that was defective

Alternatives to Flexi Blaster

There are a great many different nozzles to choose from, including so-called fireman’s nozzles as well as gentle rain misters. We have to tip our hat to a website called The SweetHome that has spent long hours trying out many different kinds of garden nozzles, and their conclusion is the Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle is the best because of its versatility and durability. The classic Gilmour seems to prove that at least in the world of hose nozzle designs, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We hope this gives you some mental ammunition to help you evaluate Flexi Blaster and possible alternatives. Let us know your experience below – was it a BLAST or a DRIP?