Flex Cycle from Tristar Products bills itself as an exercise machine that’s perfect for seniors or people with limited mobility. They claim Flex Cycle will let you work both your arms and your legs while comfortably seated in a chair by pedaling with your feet and/or turning the arm cranks. They add this will help you “wake up” muscles that haven’t been tested for years.

How Flex Cycle Works

Flex Cycle appears to be similar to a standard exercise bicycle, but without the seat and a crank you turn with your hands instead of stationary handlebars. To use Flex Cycle, they instruct you to pull it up to your favorite chair and adjust as necessary; it is said to have 6 levels for intensity and position. Then start cranking and/or pedaling!

Flex Cycle touts it’s the easy way for older people or those who are disabled to get their blood flowing again, but anyone of any age can use it. They promise Flex Cycle is a low-impact exercise and won’t hurt your joints and you can use it to get flexible and active. 

Flex Cycle Costs:

$69.96, listed as 3 “easy” payments of $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling (you may also pay in full at once). 

Flex Cycle comes with a 60-day money back guarantee (minus shipping and what it costs to send back) as well as a 60-day limited warranty, which only covers manufacturer defects and not wear and tear. If you need to exchange, you will have to pay to ship it back as well as pay $7.99 for its return to you.

Bottom Line: Is Flex Cycle a Good Idea?

As you should know by now, exercise is important in all stages of life; seniors or people with limited mobility may need it most, but due to physical limitations have a difficult time doing so.

Therefore, any type of activity for those less able is certainly a good idea, however sitting for long periods of time can also adversely affect your health. According to WebMD, the connection between sitting and poor health is still not completely understood, but it has been linked with high blood pressure, obesity, and heart attacks. Generally speaking, if you can get out of your chair to exercise and move, you should!

By this thinking, Flex Cycle would only be beneficial for persons confined to a wheelchair who have no other method of getting their heart pumping. For others, we suggest simply getting up and going for a walk. 

In an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a 2 ½ year study of 1,600 people over 70 showed that 28% were less likely to become disabled if they included walking in their routine.

Harvard Health suggests seniors should try and get 150 minutes of walking in per week, do some resistance training with weights 2 or 3 times a week if you can, and do stretching and balancing exercises. 

You may also want to read: 6 Low-Impact Exercises from WebMD.

Let us know your experience with Flex Cycle below!