First Class Whitening is a whitener-by-mail company that promises to give you the same teeth whitening formula used by dentists for a cheaper price. First Class Whitening insists their product is easy to use, safe, and you will see results almost instantly. However, when you see your monthly bill you may not feel like flashing those pearly whites…

The First Class Whitening Pitch

First Class Whitening says it’s an inexpensive way to get professional teeth whitening at home. They give you whitening gel, a syringe, and a tray and promise it’s easy to do in just 30-60 minutes.

The main website uses the art of the long-form pitch to draw you in and reach the “logical” conclusion that their teeth whitening product is superior to other options. They tout their gel contains 22% carbamide peroxide, which is used by dentists to bleach teeth. 

Indeed the American Dental Association has said carbamide peroxide is safe and effective for bleaching teeth at home; however, they cautioned this is only for 10% and there is “not enough information is available to support unsupervised long-term and/or repeated use of bleaching products.”

These stronger bleaching products like First Class Whitening do not carry the ADA Seal and may cause irritation and sensitive teeth.

First Class Whitening Costs:

It appears that you can buy First Class Whitening for one-month ($129.99), two months ($220.99), or have the option for a membership to the First Class Whitening Club ($94.31 per month). 

But from reading the Terms and Conditions listed on the website it appears you are automatically enrolled in a monthly billing/shipping program of $94.31 whatever you do. They say you must take affirmative action to avoid further billing (emphasis theirs).

There is also mention of a Web Only Trial Introduction Offer, where say they will send you a sample package for a very low price. We found this link that shows a First Class Whitening shopping cart with a payment due of $10.91 with no other information included. Visitors coming to this page from a sneaky affiliate website and checking out from here would have no idea as to what they are really getting into.

The Return Policy states unless you cancel and return within 15 days, they will bill you $94.31 and say you cannot return products once the trial period has elapsed and you’ve been billed. 

Bottom Line: Is First Class Whitening a Scam?

First Class Whitening seems to be an offshoot of Bella at Home and Smile Pro Direct, all three of which share the same address and receive an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. These companies have a pattern of subscribing customers without their consent to monthly shipments and making it very difficult to cancel. 

This type of scam has been around for a while, as Wired featured an article on teeth whitening companies and their shady advertising practices back in 2009 (First Class Whitening is not mentioned, but appears to be following a similar business tactic.)

While there is an Easy Cancel button on the First Class Whitening website, we strongly suggest calling 877-530-8637 to cancel and watch your credit card statements every month.

As to the product itself, if it’s similar to Bella at Home, it’s probably not any good either: Bella at Home has 1.5 stars on Amazon

If you are looking to whiten your teeth and you don’t want to spend the money at the dentist (still considered the best and most effective method), we don’t recommend any of these high-strength carbamide peroxide solutions as they may be unsafe. 

Instead, we’ll pass on the advice of Gennaro Cataldo, professor of dentistry at Boston University who confided in an interview that Crest Whitestrips do a pretty good job.

Let us know your experience with First Class Whitening below!