Finally Me proclaims its product is a reusable incontinence underwear for men and women that is machine washable and discreet. They promise Finally Me is lightweight and comfortable and because you can wash and wear each pair up to 200 times it is a fraction of the cost of other options. 

How Finally Me Works

Finally Me says it makes underwear for men and women who have bladder or bowel problems, which is estimated to be 25 million people. The things that they claim sets Finally Me apart from other incontinence undergarments is that they aren’t bulky, look like regular underwear, and each pair can be machine washed and worn many times.

Finally Me touts it comes in Men’s and Women’s from Small to XXX-Large and has a built-in multilayer absorbency pad that they insist gives you discreet leakage protection, locking in odors and keeping you fresh and dry all day. 

Finally Me Costs:

$31.85 for 4 Finally Mes, which is listed as $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for the first pair and then another $5.95 in fees for the “bonus” pair – this translates to $7.96 each. 

Finally Me lists a 30-day money back guarantee but not a customer service number. The company that markets Finally Me is Permission Interactive but their website states they do not handle returns or complaints. They have a link for customer service numbers on this page but as of this writing (April 2015) Finally Me was not listed. 

Bottom Line: Is Finally Me a Good Product?

We couldn’t find any independent customer reviews of Finally Me. Incontinence can be an awkward and distracting issue for many adults and we applaud the idea of washable/reusable garments. 

And while these may be less bulky and more comfortable than a traditional cloth or disposable adult diaper, how much water will they hold? It’s an important question that they don’t provide the answer to (their toll-free order number is an automated system). For your comparison, we found a men’s washable incontinence brief by Wearever that holds 8-10 ounces of fluid and sells for $17 a pair. 

On top of that, since we couldn’t find a reliable way to reach customer service, we cannot recommend Finally Me. Instead, let us direct you to some other websites for more information. A site called the Incontinence Resource Center provides a good overview on the types of products available as well as recommendations.

You may also be interested in this article from Salon where a 27-year-old searches for the best adult diaper. While the article intends to be lighthearted, he concludes Molicare Super Plus Overnight Briefs to be the most absorbent and comfortable (but they are disposable).

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