Finally Dry Underwear sold by TriStar Products is a pair of undergarments that they claim is the fast, discreet, and modern way to deal with the old fashioned problem of incontinence. Finally Dry Underwear states their secret is that each pair contains layers of 100% cotton that will keep you dry, comfortable, and odor free all day and night.

Why am I incontinent?

Incontinence (or involuntary bladder release) is an embarrassing problem for many adults and can be caused by a variety of factors, such as age or hormonal changes. It can also be a sign of more serious problems like a tumor or prostate cancer, so when it comes on you should make an appointment to see your doctor. However the most common type is stress incontinence, which primarily affects women, often due to weakened muscles from pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause.

There are many treatments for urinary incontinence, including bladder training, floor exercises, and in more severe cases medication or surgery. Urinary incontinence can be dangerous for older people at night, because they may fall while trying to get to the bathroom.

How does Finally Dry Underwear help me with my incontinence problem?

Finally Dry Underwear is available in styles for men or women in sizes small to XXX-Large and 4 colors. No matter the size, color, or style, Finally Dry is said to protect by having multiple layers of 100% cotton.

First, there’s a layer that they say offers light-moderate absorption for bladder leakage up to 6 oz. Then, the other layers block odors as well as wick away moisture and prevent leaks. Lastly, there is an absorbent pad that they state is slender and discreet. Finally Dry Underwear adds that each pair is machine washable and good to use up to 200 times.

How much do they charge for a pair of Finally Dry Underwear for adults?

Finally Dry Underwear sells in packs of 3 for $19.95 plus $5.95 processing and handling for a total of $25.90. However, the default order adds a second set of 3 Finally Dry Underwear pairs for another $5.95 in fees making the total $30.85 for 6.

Is there a guarantee for Finally Dry Underwear?

Yes. Finally Dry Underwear comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but this is minus the processing and handling fees and what it costs to send them back. Finally Dry Underwear also boasts a lifetime warranty on their website, but no further information was available when we called customer service.

Finally Dry Underwear customer service telephone number is 973-287-5130.

Bottom Line: Is Finally Dry Underwear a good way to keep dry and comfortable and save me from embarrassment?

Perhaps yes. Finally Dry Underwear appears to be a fairly new product, so we could find any customer reviews. We do appreciate the lifetime warranty, but not the $11.90 in handling fees. Still, the price appears to be lower than many similar products.

Currently TriStar Products has a squeaky-clean A+ from the BBB in spite of over 1000 complaints in the last 3 years (over half were problems with products); the Better Business Bureau explains this is because these complaints were satisfactorily resolved and the number is small relative to their size.

A common complaint of many As Seen On TV companies like TriStar Products are delivery issues, as it often takes much longer than advertised to arrive (Finally Dry Underwear states the standard delivery time is 7-10 business days and you can check the status of your order at

If you are interested in checking Finally Dry Underwear we suggest waiting until you see it at Target, Walgreens, CVS, or other big box outlet where TriStar sells the majority of their products they advertise on TV. In spite of the fact they say this offer is not available in stores, the secret is they make 90% of their sales via retail.

Alternatives to Finally Dry Underwear

Two of the most important things to remember when shopping for incontinence underwear are comfort and absorbability. Finally Dry Underwear claims to absorb 6 oz. of fluid, which may be fine for light to moderate problems, but may not be good for all situations. For comparison, we found Wearever Sir Super Plus Men’s Washable Incontinence Brief, which holds 8-10 oz. (the women’s version is located here) and sell for about $17 a pair. (These products, however, cannot be returned.)

Of course, one of the most popular makers of incontinence briefs are Depend, who have a variety of styles and are available both online or in stores for a similar price.

We also encourage you to visit the Incontinence Resource Center, which goes into detail about the many different causes and treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, including underwear, diapers, and pads. There are also articles and a forum where you can talk with others.

If you are having serious incontinence problems with more than urine, you may want to read this article in Salon about a 27-year-old man searches for the best adult diaper. And while the tone of this article is somewhat lighthearted, he does many different brands through the paces (so to speak) and awards points for wearability, absorbancy, longevity, and style. The Depend diaper got low marks and in the end his favorites were the Molicare Super Plus Overnight Briefs, a disposable diaper made in Europe.

We hope this overview of Finally Dry (and adult incontinence undergarments in general) helps you make a decision about what product is best for you. Let us know your experience below!