FemSelectives Bladder Guard is a supplement the makers claim is natural and designed to decrease frequent urination. They promise if you take this pill for 2 weeks 3 times a day you will have less bathroom urges, allowing you to feel like the real “you” again.

How FemSelectives Bladder Guard Works

FemSelectives comes in a pink box and is marketed primarily at women who struggle with bladder problems, although they say men can use it too. For FemSelectives to work, they instruct you to take it 3 times a day for 2 weeks and then 2 times a day after that.

FemSelectives contains soy isoflavins and pumpkin seed extract in a formula they call Go Control that they claim support a healthy bladder and tone its muscles. They state it’s safe (unless you are allergic to soy) and contains ingredients are from the USA and “other countries” that they don’t specify.

Why Do I Have a Bladder Problem?

Frequent urination is often simply a side effect of getting older. However, if accompanied by other symptoms, it can indicate diabetes, prostate problems, and even pregnancy. You can take this Overactive Bladder Assessment as a starter, but you should also consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

For many people, running frequently to the bathroom or getting up in the middle of the night is just one of those bummers about aging. There are a few things you can do to reduce this:

  • Drink less water before bedtime
  • Avoid coffee and/or alcohol
  • Strengthen the muscles with Kegel exercises
  • Change your diet to include more soy and fiber

Bladder Guard Costs:

FemSelectives Bladder Guard is a product you have to take every day. To get you to try it, they offer a free 3-week supply for a non-refundable $7.99. In 21 days, unless you contact them to cancel, they will charge you $57.98  ($49.99 plus $7.99 S&H) and send you a 30-day bottle. This will continue until you tell them to stop.

FemSelectives comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus all shipping and handling fees.

Bottom Line: Will FemSelectives Bladder Guard Help Me?

If you are having bladder problems, as we mentioned, you should probably see your doctor – and if you are pregnant, congratulations! If it’s just a pesky aging thing, Bladder Guard may alleviate symptoms, primarily because it contains soy and fiber.

However, remember that FemSelectives Bladder Guard is an auto-ship program, so unless you cancel you’ll be billed every month and sent more pills.

We give FemSelectives Privacy Policy a “B-” – it states that they may solicit you with other products or services, but they will not sell or rent it to third parties. If you want to opt-out you must email them at: CustomerService@FemSelectives.com

Let us know your experience with FemSelectives Bladder Guard. Did it stop the urges or was it a waste of money?