EZ Lift from Tristar Products is a removable handle they say fits in your car door’s strike plate and will help you or your loved ones get in and out more easily. They tout EZ Lift also has a powerful LED light in the handle as well as a seat belt cutter and glass breaking hammer in case of emergency.

How does EZ Lift work to get me in and out of my car?

EZ Lift is said to be a patented design and made of forged steel with an ergonomic handle that fits in the strike plate of (almost) every front and rear door. They tout EZ Lift holds up to 350 lbs. and is guaranteed for life.

To use EZ Lift, they instruct you to keep it handy in a glove compartment or door panel. When it comes time for you to get in or out of your car, open the door and place the steel tab of EZ Lift into the strike plate (aka the part that the door lock latches on to). They claim that the EZ Lift now becomes an extra handle that can hold your full weight as you sit in to or stand up from your car. They claim EZ Lift is especially good for the disabled, elderly, or anyone that needs a helping hand entering or exiting a vehicle and can prevent slips and falls during wet or cold weather.

EZ Lift claims to also come with a powerful LED light in the handle, but brightness and battery information was not listed and customer service had no further information. In case of emergency, they tout you can use the special groove to cut through a seat belt and the handle tip will smash your car window glass.

EZ Lift Features‚Äč

EZ Lift notes in the fine print that it may not be compatible with some late 1980 and 1990 vehicles.

What does it cost for EZ Lift car handle?

EZ Lift sells for $19.95 plus $7.99 P&H for a total of $27.94. 

EZ Lift refund information

EZ Lift customer service: 973-287-5132.

EZ Lift comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but this does not include the P&H and what it costs to send back. In the commercial, EZ Lift is said to have a lifetime guarantee, but customer service had no information as to how this works.

Bottom Line: Is EZ Lift a good tool to get in and out of my car?

EZ Lift is one of many removable door handles we’ve seen in the marketplace (see My Power Handle and Car Cane) that make similar claims of helping you get in and out of your car. 

Generally speaking, these devices do seem to work as advertised. Car Cane has a 4-star average on HSN; however, one reviewer on our website noted that it doesn’t work with certain pin latches on SUVs or other vehicles. 

Will EZ Lift work as good as Car Cane? Likely yes. However, we’d like to remind you that there is no information as to its LED flashlight so it’s unclear if that feature will really be that helpful. Also, if you have an older car or one with an unusual pin latch, EZ Lift may not work for you.

These devices are a bit on the heavy side (around 2 lbs.) to carry from car to car, and caution needs to be taken that the user doesn’t pull up on the handle or it may slip out. And, don’t forget it’s in the car door or you could damage it when slamming it closed!

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