Eye Complex CS is a supplement developed by two ophthalmologists that contains 23 ingredients they insist makes it the most powerful eye formulation you can get without a prescription. They implore you to begin taking Eye Complex to protect your vision before it’s too late…! 

How Eye Complex CS Works

Eye Complex CS claims to have more ingredients than other leading eye vitamins. They list them on their site, along with their alleged benefits for your peepers. These include: Vitamins A, C, E, B-12, as well as Zinc, Bilberry, and Taurine. 

Eye Complex CS states that the reason why we lose vision in our eyes as we age is because of a vitamin deficiency that directly or indirectly affects the eyesight. They claim if you take 3 pills a day, you will receive enough of these essential vitamins to see a measurable improvement in vision. (However, the fine print of the website – which you may not see if you need glasses – states Eye Complex CS “is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”)

Eye Complex CS Price:

Eye Complex CS tempts you with a 30-day offer which works like this: They charge you $9.95 in shipping in handling. Then your 30 days begin when the product is shipped. After the 30 days have passed and you haven’t contacted them and returned the unused portion of the bottle, you will be billed $39.95 for a total of $49.90.

Eye Complex CS also automatically enrolls you in a monthly program, which means you will be billed $49.90 every 30 days and shipped more Eye Complex CS until you cancel.

Bottom Line: Do I Need Eye Complex CS for My Eyes?

Vitamins do play an important part in our overall health and that includes our eyes. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness; however Vitamin A deficiency is rare in the United States.

Studies have shown that vision supplements containing certain vitamins have been helpful in reducing vision loss in people suffering from age-related macular generation (AMD), but only those with intermediate AMD or advanced in just one eye.

Still, scientific evidence is still limited as to the proving actual benefits of taking supplements of any kind. In some studies, taking beta carotene increased the risk of cancer and, while Vitamin A can treat dry eyes and help with AMD, too much can be toxic. 

In most cases, you should get all your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet as well as ask your doctor for their supplement recommendations for healthy vision.

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Let us know your experience with Eye Complex CS. Did it improve your vision or was it junk?