Extra View Mirror from Telebrands is a rearview mirror attachment that promises it will make driving easier and safer by providing a panoramic 180-degree view of your (car’s) rear end. They claim Extra View will eliminate blind spots and add that its chrome-coated glass will reduce glare up to 50% making it great for driving at night.

How exactly does Extra View Mirror work to eliminate blind spots?

Extra View Mirror is said to clip in seconds to your regular rearview mirror, no tools necessary. What they say makes Extra View Mirror special is that it curves outward in a convex shape (akin to the outside of a fish bowl), slightly distorting the image but giving you up to a 300% better view.

Extra View Mirror touts that it will allow you to see 3 lanes of freeway traffic without the need to turn your head; at night, they add that the chrome coating will reduce headlight glare, making driving at night safer.

They exclaim driving, merging, changing lanes, or backing up will be crystal clear, thanks to using Extra View Mirror.

You can buy Extra View Mirror for:

$16.99, listed as $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. If you have a second car and would like another Extra View Mirror, they’ll send you one for $6.99 in fees.

How do I get my money back for Extra View Mirror?

Telebrands customer service: 855-668-1655.

Extra View Mirror is covered by Telebrands’ standard 30-day money back guarantee. However, this only covers the $10, not any of the additional fees and you must pay to ship Extra View Mirror back to them. In addition, you need to include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning Extra View Mirror or they could say no.

Bottom Line: Do I need Extra View Mirror to see more of my rear while driving?

Long, rounded mirrors like Extra View Mirror are popular with police, racecar drivers, and people who want to be like them. Generally speaking, Extra View Mirror could give you a more panoramic view and reduce the need to turn your head.

We couldn’t find any reviews of Extra View Mirror as the product is still new. But there are a few things we’d like to point out. First, this is hardly a new invention, as there are several other brands on the marketplace. One called 20/20 Vision Panoramic Rear View Mirror is 17-inches long and has 4-stars on Amazon. Some have noted that 20/20’s clip is too small for thicker rearview mirror stems, so we wonder if Extra View Mirror will have similar compatibility issues. (And if Extra View Mirror doesn’t work, you will still be out $6.99 in fees even if you return it.)

But another important question to ask is: do you really need to see more? While some people do enjoy these convex mirrors, others can find them disorienting and distracting, especially if there are some rowdy kids in the back seat (you’ll see more of them, too). A reporter from the Globe and Mail tested a similar mirror to Extra View Mirror and felt it was easier to drive with a standard rear-view.

How to eliminate blind spots while driving

The blind spot is a pesky problem that plagues many a driver, but here’s a secret you probably didn’t know: you can eliminate them without the need for any extra mirrors.

  1. Adjust the center mirror to see as much of the rear window as possible.
  2. Lean your head to the left, until it nearly touches the side glass. Adjust the left mirror until you barely see the side of your car.
  3. Now lean to the right, so your head is over the center divider and adjust the right in a similar manner.
  4. Sit up straight and evaluate/adjust.

That’s it! Now any car leaving your center mirror should be visible in the right or left mirror.

We hope this helps. Let us know your experience with Extra View Mirror below!

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