EverCool Towel from Inventel claims to be a self-cooling towel that drops 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature in less than one minute. They state EverCool Towel is made from a specially designed fabric that traps water and if you give it a snap, the cooling effect begins giving you instant relief during work or play, indoors or out.

How Exactly Does EverCool Towel Cool Down?

They don’t specifically state what material EverCool Towel is made from, but if it’s like similar self-cooling towels in the market (see below) it’s made of a polyvinyl acetate that uses the science of evaporative cooling to reduce temperature as the water evaporates, similar to what our skin does when we sweat.

To use EverCool Towel they instruct you to unroll it, get it wet with any temperature water, and pull on both ends at once; this “snap” is said to activate EverCool towel, which begins evaporating the water, cooling you (and the towel) down in the process. In the infomercial, they measure the temperature of EverCool Towel versus an ordinary cotton towel and it appears to show the EverCool Towel a full 20 degrees cooler on the surface. 

EverCool Towel says it’s great for construction workers, gardeners, or anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun, as well as “gym rats” who don’t want to be covered in icky sweat. When the towel temperature rises again, don’t fret (or sweat) – they say to simply snap the towel again and the whole process continues. EverCool Towel is said to be durable, machine washable, and non-toxic.

What Will it Cost Me to Have My Very Own EverCool Towel?

EverCool Towel has a “buy one get one free” offer advertised as $9.99 plus shipping and handling; however if you look at the fine print, they charge $5.99 in shipping and handing for the first EverCool Towel and then another $5.99 in fees for the second making the true total $21.97 for 2.

EverCool Towel Money Back Guarantee

Inventel offers a 30-day money back guarantee for EverCool Towel, but this does not include the $11.98 in shipping in handling nor what it costs you to send it back. In other words, it will still cost you a bit of money even if it’s returned.

Bottom Line: Will EverCool Towel Really Work to Keep Me Cool?

As we hinted about above, in spite of the fact that they call EverCool Towel “cutting-edge technology,” it’s a concept that has been around for a long time and there are many other so-called self-cooling towels in the marketplace. 

“People have been doing this for millennia. It’s not new. It’s science,” said textile expert Pat Slavin in an article about these towels for Consumer Reports. In this article, Consumer Reports tested 2 other towels, EnduraCool (made of polyvinyl) and Chill-its (90/10 polyester/nylon) versus a smooth weave dishtowel (100% cotton) – they wet them, gave them a “snap” and measured all with an infrared heating device. They found they all cooled within 1 or 2 degrees of each other. Their conclusion was that the 3 towels all work about the same in low humidity, and do not work as well when humidity is high.

In other words, EverCool Towel may work, but no more so than any other towel will. Still, their ability to hold moisture for long periods of time make them quite popular with outdoorsy types.

Alternatives to EverCool Towel

If you are looking to cool down, there are plenty of self-cooling towel options that seem to offer similar benefits to EverCool Towel. We found a Mission Microfiber Towel that lists for $14.99 that gets 5-stars from users. Other polyester-based cooling towels made by Mission and sold by Lowe’s get similar glowing reviews. 

We hope this gives you a little background into the science behind EverCool Towels and helps you make a decision as to whether this is a towel you want to try to help cool you off when things get a bit too hot. Let us know what you think below!