Euro Bed from Tristar Products claims to be an inflatable bed that is ready to give you or your guests a perfect night’s sleep in less than 3 minutes. They state Euro Bed works just like a spring mattress and has a built-in pump that inflates and deflates at the push of a button. Euro Bed promises their soft fabric top is comfortable and it’s so sturdy you’ll be able to use it for many nights anywhere you take it.

What Is So Great About Euro Bed Inflatable Bed?

Euro Bed claims that its ease of use, comfort, and portability makes it the perfect choice for a guest bed for the in-laws or older guests and replace the bulky, heavy pull out couch beds or other temporary sleeping solutions.

Euro Bed is said to use the same principal as a box spring mattress, except instead of coils it uses 42 “air pillars”, which absorbs vibrations so one sleeper won’t disturb the other, and provide stability and support.

Euro Bed is listed as a Queen size mattress that will let 2 adults comfortably sleep on it. They state it has 14” sides, a soft fabric velour top, and will last for many uses. They claim it has been tested to last 30,000 250-pound pressure cycles without deflating and in the infomercial they show a guy on a minibike jump on Euro Bed without popping it.

Euro Bed

Euro Bed notes it comes in its own storage bag that includes a strap for easy travel. To use your Euro Bed, they suggest you keep it in a convenient place like a closet. Then, when the doorbell rings and your out-of-town in laws have shown up unexpectedly, instead of pulling out the sofa bed, unfurl the Euro Bed. Then, plug it in and turn the knob to “inflate” and they say the powerful built-in motor will inflate the bed in less than 3 minutes.

The next morning, after your guests have told you what a wonderful night’s sleep they have had, you can turn the knob the other way to “deflate”, and then pack Euro Bed up and put in back in the closet ready for the next time the door bell rings.

How Much is the Euro Bed?

$99.99, which is pitched as 3 payments of $33.33 and includes free shipping.

Euro Bed Guarantee and Refund Information

Euro Bed has conflicting information as to its guarantee. On the website, they claim to have a 10-Day Sleep On It Guarantee. But in the infomercial, they state there is a 30-Day Sleep On It Guarantee and the Guarantee page it says there is a 60-day money back guarantee. When we called Euro Bed/Tristar Products customer service at 973-287-5179 the representative said they had no information on Euro Bed because it was still new.

What Are Customers Saying About the Euro Bed?

Euro Bed does come from overseas, via Australia not from Europe. Here’s a video of the bed inflating in real-time, which appears to be just about 3 minutes.

Kind of boring, but then again watching it may make you tired enough to lay down on it and go to sleep.

Judging by the tone of the Aussie reviewers, it seems to have not lived up to its hype.

“Purchased a euro bed at Christmas but slowly went down. Recently received a replacement. The family went camping, got it from the packaging and it went down. Ruined our camping. Came home pumped it up and found a leak,” wrote Bradley Beard.

Other reviews have titles like “waste of money,” “Not as ‘Awesome’ as seems on TV”, and “DO NOT BUY! It’s rubbish”.

Average rating 1.8 stars.


Bottom Line: Is Euro Bed a Good Inflatable Bed that will Last?

One of the most common complaints is that the Euro Bed appears to tear apart at the seam after a few uses. Reviewers say they had long wait times for replacements and even those have failed to work.

When we last checked Tristar Products’ BBB page, the As Seen On TV giant had no rating because it was being reviewed and/or updated.

From our experience, ASOTV products in general: a) take a long time to arrive in the mail b) tend to underperform than the advertisment c) make it difficult to get a refund.

Since there are already so many negative reviews of the product and so many questions about Euro Bed and its guarantee that haven’t been answered we do not recommend you purchase Euro Bed.

Euro Bed Alternatives

Inflatable mattresses can be handy for the occasional guest and great for camping. Some people find it a cheaper alternative to an expensive, bulky mattress. However, they aren’t as sturdy as a real mattress, so you’ll likely have to periodically re-pump them with air and be sure to keep away from sharp objects. Here are a couple suggestions:


One of the most popular inflatable beds out there is the Aerobed, which lists for around $145 and has a 4-star average on Amazon.

We found a YouTube viewer who claims to have bought the Queen Aerobed, which has an inflatable headboard. In this video, the Aerobed inflates in about a minute.

The next day, he said he and his wife had a comfortable sleep and was great for his back.

Other Alternatives to Euro Bed

We recommend visiting The Mattress Whiz website, which has extensive reviews of all types of air mattresses for short-term, long-term, indoor or outdoor use as well as traditional box springs, futons, etc.

Their conclusion after reviewing these various brands is that air mattresses are more portable and affordable than regular mattresses, but futons are more versatile and durable.

Let us know your experience with Euro Bed below!