Espro Sports Cleaner is a detergent that promises to remove grass, red clay, blood, and any other yucky stains from team uniforms or other clothing. Espro Cleaner is said to be environmentally friendly and used by 100 collegiate and professional sports programs across the nation to make their uniforms clean and fresh and now you can use it, too! 

The Espro Sports Cleaner Pitch

Espro Cleaner is targeted primarily at moms who have sons that are active in sporting activities. Their ads feature women who are sad and frustrated using other cleaning products on their kids’ uniforms and then smiling and happy once they’ve tried Espro Sports Cleaner. They feature testimonials from women who claim it takes the orange and green stains off of white pants as well as an equipment manager at Cal State Northridge who says it’s the best stain remover he’s seen.

Espro Sports Cleaner adds that their product is environmentally friendly, containing no butyl, bleach, or phosphates as well as something they call Odor Guard, which they claim is a highly effective odor eliminator and deterrent. Although they say Espro Cleaner is safe on all fabrics, they don’t specifically list its ingredients. 

Espro Sports Cleaner Cost:

Through Espro Cleaner’s “Special TV Offer” you get a 64 oz. bottle, a package of Stain Wipes, 2 microfiber cloths, and a 32 oz. sports cleaner, listed as $14.99 plus “additional fee”. It turns out there are 2 additional fees - $9.95 shipping (or you can switch it to $16.90 for rush shipping) and $8.95 processing and handling making the total at least $33.89. You can also add a 4 oz. travel bottle ($3.95) more Stain Wipes ($5.95) and 4 more microfiber cloths ($7.99) with no additional shipping or processing fees, an offer they claim won’t be available at any other time.

Espro Sports Cleaner offers a 60-day money back guarantee, minus those shipping and handling charges and what it costs you to send it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Espro Sports Cleaner a Good Bargain?

Sports Moms are always frustrated when it comes to cleaning white uniforms after their child’s games so it’s easy to see the appeal of a product like Espro Cleaner. Generally, it receives good “marks” from mom bloggers, however it should be noted that these sites have been given free product in exchange for a review. Currently (May 2015) Espro Cleaner averages 3.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon from only 9 reviews, with those giving it one or 2 stars saying the cleaner is average at best or doesn’t work at all.

Espro Cleaner may indeed work, but what we have issue with is the sneaky pricing – listing it as $14.99 in big letters and then adding another $18.90 in fees in the small print. We suggest shopping at other online retailers that sell Espro Sports Cleaner a lower price.

We also suggest checking out and’s list of best stain removers, both of which have OxiClean at the top of their list.

And here’s a great homemade stain removing solution from Modern Day Moms using 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1 part Dawn dish soap. We’ve tried it and it works!

Let us know your experience with Espro Sports Cleaner below!