Erase/Repair HA is a beauty cream sold by Vital Global Marketing that claims to restore your skin, making radiant and firmer as well as brighten its appearance, and smooth the look of stubborn fine lines. The HA in Erase Repair HA stands for Hyaluronic Acid, which they claim has been specially formulated to penetrate, moisturize, and revitalize your epidermis better than any other beauty product available today.

What is Hyaluronic Acid and how does it help my skin?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an important component of our bodies, essentially filling the space between the skin cells and the rest of the body. It also retains a lot of moisture and works as a lubricant for our joints. As we get older we produce less HA, which means we retain less water and collagen in our skin, making it sag or wrinkle.

HA is sometimes injected into the face as filler, which does plump the skin for about 6 months.  It also can be taken as a supplement, but its anti-aging properties are less clear.

Erase/Repair HA claims to have created a special HA formula that is small enough to penetrate the skin (the large molecule usually moisturizes from on top), which they state makes it work in the same way as the injectable HA, minus the pain or expense. Erase/Repair HA is said to contain 2% HA, but the other ingredients are not listed.

How much do they charge for a jar of Erase/Repair HA 2% hyaluronic anti-aging cream?

Erase/Repair HA promises a trial of their anti-aging cream by saying they’ll send you a 30-day supply for $4.95 shipping and handling. To add pressure to the sale, on the order page they claim to have LOW STOCK and that the sell out risk is HIGH. There is also a banner on top that says “13 others are viewing this offer” along with a countdown clock steadily clicking down to zero.

Screenshot of Erase/Repair HA's website

In reality, they likely have plenty of Erase/Repair HA – if you refresh the page the clock will also restart. (To learn more about tricks they use to get you to buy anti-aging creams, read this article!)

The other reality is that the trial offer is shorter than you think: it’s just 14 days starting from the day you ordered it. Since they state it takes 1-3 days for it to ship and another 3-5 days for it to be delivered, you are likely losing a week of your trial before it has even arrived (read Where the [BLEEP] is my Package for more info).

On the 15th day they will charge you $98.71 for the jar of Erase/Repair HA you have as well as sign you up for an auto-shipment every 30 days. They state your credit card will be billed $98.71 every month until you call or email and cancel – this is what’s known as a Negative Option Clause.

Erase/Repair HA customer service number 866-710-5109 email

Erase/Repair HA says they accept returns for unopened products only (except for the trial bottle) as long as they are returned within 30 days of purchase, minus any shipping and handling charges.

Bottom Line: Is Erase/Repair HA with 2% hyaluronic acid a great way to make my skin look younger?

No. We say this for a number of reasons. First, while HA may be an essential component of our skin that makes it soft and spongy and used as a filler it can give the appearance of youth, there is very little evidence the nano-sized particles of HA allegedly in Erase/Repair HA will penetrate and plump skin in the same way. The blogger Beauty Brains found a study that seemed to indicate some improvement, but as she notes it was not double blind placebo controlled, the standard for science.

Hyaluronic Acid does indeed have moisturizing properties, but from our examination of cheap vs. expensive skin creams, the expensive price does not improve the results.

We’d also like to point out that the beautiful women on the website are not users of Erase/Repair HA (they state: “The depictions on this page are fictitious and indicative of potential results”) and even the Before and After picture of a patch of skin is “simulated imagery.”

Screenshot of Erase/Repair HA's website

Then there’s the deceptive trial offer, which basically ensures that you will be paying $98.71 for a jar of Erase/Repair HA that you thought was going to be $4.95.

How to look younger

Nobody likes to look or feel old and the billion-dollar beauty industry is capitalizing on this fact with creams and cosmeceuticals that claim to magically turn back the hands of time.

Unfortunately, as we’ve reported before, there is no Fountain of Youth – any beauty cream will have only a modest affect on your appearance, no matter what the price is.

If you would like to appear younger, follow this basic advice given by top dermatologists:

  1. Avoid the sun. The sun’s rays are important for vitamin A, but also damage the skin. Wear a sunblock with zinc or titanium dioxide and an SPF of 30.
  2. Exfoliate gently, regularly. It doesn’t need to be diamonds or with a fancy sonic brush.
  3. Moisturize. An over-the-counter cream will work just as good as an expensive one.

And we’ll add one more of our own… Smile!

Studies show that not only do you appear younger to the people around you, even a fake smile can turn into a real one and make you feel happier. Beauty is subjective, so confidence in yourself is more important than what others think.

We hope this helps you make a decision about (read: avoid) Erase/Repair HA, but if you did order it let us know your experience with it below!