EpiSmooth is a hair-removing tool that the sellers insist is the easy and affordable way to keep your skin smooth and silky for weeks. They state EpiSmooth requires no creams, is gentle enough to use on your face, and its MicroSmoothing Technology removes hair from the root.

How EpiSmooth Works

EpiSmooth appears to be a tweezer-type epilator, which uses a rotating disc that opens and closes as it moves across the skin, grabbing hair follicles and yanking them from the roots. In spite of the fact that they call this MicroSmoothing Technology, this type of device is hardly new. 

EpiSmooth looks like it is battery powered as it is shown to have an ON/OFF switch; however they don’t disclose the type of battery used and when we tried to call in May 2015 to find out more information, the customer service number was not working…

To use EpiSmooth, they instruct you to simply glide over the area of your skin you’d like to be hair-free; they claim that their MicroSmoothing Technology will pull the hair from the roots as you move across it. They state you can use it on your chin, legs, under your lip, along your jaw, under your arms, or anywhere you’d like no hair (except atop your head). 

EpiSmooth Costs:

$17.95 ($10 plus $7.95 shipping) for one, which also includes a quick dry hair wrap. However, the default option adds a second EpiSmooth for $5, so unless you un-check the box you will get 2 EpiSmooths and one hair wrap and pay $22.95.

EpiSmooth comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping fees (it’s unclear if that extra $5 is refundable).

Bottom Line: Is EpiSmooth a Scam?

EpiSmooth may indeed be a small epilator that could be handy for removing stray hairs here and there. Indeed, one of the women in the testimonials says she uses EpiSmooth instead of tweezers to get rid of stray hairs on her chin. And in the commercial, it says if you missed a spot shaving “don’t break out the razor and cream.” Also, the animated video shows EpiSmooth gliding over an area of skin, grabbing random single follicles.

What this means to us is EpiSmooth appears to be designed for touch-ups and not complete hair removal. Using on your legs or under your arms, for example, seems like it would take a very long time. 

We also don’t know what kind of battery it takes and, as we mentioned, the customer service number was not working when we called in May. This could be a temporary problem since the product is still new. 

Still, because there isn’t enough information, we recommend at least waiting to purchase EpiSmooth at your local retailer – in spite of what they say in the commercial, most companies selling “As Seen On TV” products make most of their money from retail sales purchases, not online or via “operators standing by.”

You may also want to research different epilators that are available in the marketplace. We suggest checking out a website called Epilator Girl, written by a woman who goes in-depth about different epilators, as well as pros and cons of various other hair-removing products.

And let us know what you think of EpiSmooth below!

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