Epilique is a makeup removing cloth from SAS Group that claims to completely erase your makeup quickly and easily using just water. They tout Epilique is all-natural, machine washable, and needs no chemicals or cleaners and will leave your skin smooth, clean, and radiant.

How Epilique Works

Epilique is essentially a pink washcloth; what they claim makes Epilique special is the soft, uniquely designed fibers that cleanse, lift, and exfoliate the skin. They don’t specifically state what material the Epilique cloth is made from except to say that it’s natural.

To use Epilique, they instruct you to simply put in under the faucet and get it wet. Next, wipe across your skin and – ooh la la – they exclaim you will now have fresh, clean skin. They add this will save you hundreds of dollars you would have spent on disposable wipes.

Epilique Cost:

$25.90 for 4 Epilique cloths. This is because in spite of saying it’s only $10, they add $7.95 in shipping and processing once for the first 2 Epiliques and then again for the so-called “bonus” double offer. You cannot order just one set of 2 Epilique makeup cloths. Ironically, they claim this offer is “a $20 value.”

Epilique is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee but this only is for the original $10 and you have to pay to send them back. Epilique cloths also come with a Lifetime Stain Free Guarantee. We were told by customer service that if you can’t get your Epilique clean, simply call them and they will send you another one, no questions asked. You do not need to send the damaged one back, either.

Bottom Line: Is Epilique a Good Makeup Remover?

We are definitely not big fans of disposable makeup removal wipes, which can have chemicals that irritate skin, potentially clog pipes and/or fill up landfills. We also appreciate the “no questions asked” Lifetime Replacement Epilique offers. 

But there’s just a few things we’d like to point out. First and foremost, it’s expensive, with more than half of the money in tacked-on hidden fees. That means, even if you return it in time, you’ll just get $10 back of the $25 you spent – not cool.

Second, SAS Group, the company behind Epilique, are also the ones responsible for Dutch Glow, a product that has a 1.5 star rating from almost 300 reviewers (at our sister publication Highya). Many people complain of a lousy product, terrible customer service, and absurd shipping fees

We should also mention their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email, postal mail, and telephone with other products and/or sell this info to third parties who may do the same. (You need to send them an email to opt out.)

If you are still intrigued by Epilique, we suggest doing what 95% of purchasers of “As Seen On TV” products do – buy it at your local Walgreens, CVS or other retailer with a special section devoted to these products. 

This will save you shipping/handing fees and wait times (Epilique says it could take up to 6 weeks to ship) and returns will be much less of a hassle.

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Let us know your experience with Epilique below!