Elite White is a teeth whitening system delivered to your mailbox that promises it works on even the darkest stains and you will see whiter teeth in just one day of using it. Elite White touts their product is recommended by dentists and they guarantee results, offering you a 14-day trial so you can see for yourself.

What do they say is so great about Elite White that will make my teeth sparkle?

Elite White touts it is a dentist formulated pen and tray tooth whitening system that only uses the highest quality ingredients. On the website, Elite White is championed by Dr. Kenneth Lounders who says he only uses this product and its sister product Illumiwhite in his office (Dr. Lounders does not claim to have invented either of them.)

Elite White states it contains carbamide peroxide, which they claim has been shown to whiten teeth, but the actual amount of the ingredient is not known. What Elite White says makes their product unique is that they have added potassium nitrate, which is said to significantly reduce tooth sensitivity.

They add that the results are immediately noticeable and the treatment is quick and easy to use in just 3 steps: brush your teeth, apply the Elite White Gel to the mouthpiece, and then place in your mouth.

Is there any proof that Elite White works?

Not really. There are a few before/after pictures on the website, and an endorsement by a woman named Maria Bankston. At the bottom of the page, they claim to link to a summary of a case study, but this link does not show any of the results.

Elite White also links to a page on the American Dental Association website which explains carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. This ingredient works as an effective bleaching agent on teeth, but can cause sensitivity.

We’d also like to point out that the ADA says it recommends using only home whitening kits that have 10% carbamide peroxide and carry their Seal of Acceptance. Elite White doesn’t list the strength of its formula (22% is the maximum allowed for home use) and does not carry the ADA Seal.

In addition, the fine print states “Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Elite White or Illumi White have not been scientifically substantiated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration” as well as stating they are “not responsible for any third-party offers, incentives, fulfillment or representations that may have been used to direct you to order from our site.”

What are they charging for the Elite White trial kit?

Elite White attempts to tempt you into an offer where they say you need to pay just $6.95 shipping for a 30 day supply. However, the terms and conditions explain this offer a little more clearly.

First, you have just 14 days starting from the date you ordered Elite White to try the product – not when it arrives in the mail. Since shipping times are not guaranteed for the product, this likely means you will miss the cutoff date for a return.

On the 14th day, if you have not called to cancel and set up a return, you will be billed $95.13 for the product you have received. You will also be signed up for a monthly shipment of Elite White and billed $95.13 plus $10.91 in shipping every 30 days thereafter.

How do I return or cancel Elite White tooth whitening system?

Elite White customer service can be reached at 866-251-4950. They state if you do reach them before the trial period is up they will refund your money as well as the return shipping fees up to $6.95.

BUT Elite White also includes a Negative Option Clause, which means you must take “affirmative action” in order to cancel the monthly shipments, otherwise you could be charged for them without your consent. With your purchase of Elite White, you are also waiving your right to a trial or the ability to join a class action lawsuit against them.

Bottom Line: Elite White is an unproven teeth whitener without an ADA Seal that will likely cost you over $100 to use

Elite White uses a very common “trial offer” tactic to lure you into ordering their product. Generally speaking, we’ve found many companies like these (see Spark Whitening, Dental Brite, and First Class Whitening to name just three) end up giving you a very short time period to use them and make it difficult to cancel or get a refund, leaving consumers angry, frustrated, and with the same color teeth they had before.

Even though Elite White may not necessarily be related to these companies, as we mentioned above, there is no proof of its safety or effectiveness. Also, in spite of the appearance of Dr. Lounders, a real dentist based in Englewood, Florida, the terms clarify that he agreed to be in the marketing clip “with the sole purpose of providing a background and some educational insight for our consumers. This is not to be misconstrued as a personal endorsement...”

Further uncomfortable details in the terms reveal that Elite White “reserves the right to package the product being shipped to the end consumer with any of its privately labeled brands. Due to production there will arise instances where you will receive the same quality product with different labeling.”

So, if you buy Elite White, you could get a tooth whitener with a different name in the mail and by the time you figure out how to cancel it, you could be on the hook for the full price of the product, not just the $6.95 shipping. If you reached the Elite White page from an ad that promised a Free iPad or some other gimmick, you most likely did not see all the fine print we just outlined.

How to whiten your teeth

Stained or dark teeth may not be sexy, but the good news it it’s merely a cosmetic problem. Teeth whitening at the dentist office is an effective, but expensive way to get them brighter, but there are several home remedies as outlined by WebMD that won’t cost as much. Be careful to not overdo it with any whitening product as they can cause sensitivity or bleeding gums, and in worst case scenarios actually damage your tooth enamel.

The one product that seems to work well, at least according to Gennaro Caltado, a professor of dentistry at Boston University is Crest Whitestrips. We suggest looking for it at your local drugstore and giving it a try.

And let us know your experience with Elite White – did it work as promised or did it drain your bank account and make your gums bleed?