Elite Copper is a compression sleeve for the elbow or knee that the sellers state combines compression, copper, and magnets to soothe aches and pain while at work or play. They claim Elite Copper is lightweight and comfortable and scientifically engineered to provide relief from sore muscles and get you back in the game (of life).

The Elite Copper Pitch

Elite Copper touts something they call Magno-Copper Therapy, which is essentially a compression garment they claim is “infused” with copper and magnetic particles (although they don’t state how much of each).

They also use the star power of Boris Becker, who they list as the former World #1 Tennis Champion who states you will feel the difference the moment you put Elite Copper on. 

Elite Copper Costs:

The website and infomercial state it’s $19.95 and if you buy one you get one free. However a closer look at the fine print reveals they charge you $6.95 in shipping for the first one and another $6.95 in fees for the second, making the true total $33.85 for 2 knee or 2 elbow sleeves (you can’t mix and match).

Elite Copper comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but this does not include the $13.90 in fees and what it costs you to ship them back.

Bottom Line: Is Elite Copper a Scam?

We’ve seen this type of compression/copper garment so many times before. Indeed Tommie Copper has built a multi-million dollar empire on offering “copper infused” compression wear and others have jumped on this bandwagon. Elite Copper is adding a new/old twist claiming to include magnetic particles.

Let us break this down for you scientifically. Wearing a compression garment no matter what it is infused with has been shown to increase circulation, reduce swelling, improve movement, and help with recovery. This in and of itself may help with pain. However, there is no evidence that wearing any kind of compression wear improves athletic performance and any bolstering effect is probably psychological (sorry Boris!) 

Now let’s look at the supposed benefits of wearing copper or magnets. Quite frankly, there is no evidence copper does anything at all except to act as an anti-microbial surface. Use of copper and magnetic bracelets and rings go back to 5 or 6 B.C. where they were thought to help ease the pain of arthritis, but a study in 2013 showed copper and magnets worked no better than a placebo

Magnetic Therapy has been a hot new trend in alternative medicine, with sports figures wearing magnetic bracelets and necklaces, which are said to reduce pain. Again, the science behind this concept is as weak as the magnets themselves

In other words: any benefit you get from wearing Elite Copper won’t be from either the magnets or the copper. Yes, you may see increased movement, less swelling, and therefore less pain. Any compression garment on the market will give you the exact same thing.

With that in mind, we recommend shopping around for a compression sleeve by price, not by its alleged copper or magnetic benefits. If you are still interested in Elite Copper, because of the hidden fees and possibly long shipping times, we suggest waiting until it’s available at your local Target, Walgreens, or other retailer (or simply find a sleeve that’s already there). 

Let us know your experience with Elite Copper below!

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