If you’ve ever dealt with wax buildup in or around your ear canals, the Ear Wizard promises to be the answer to all of your woes. The product features a pen-shaped design with a soft, flexible silicone spiral tip that the manufacturer claims is key to its functionality.

These tips are interchangeable, and each unit comes with 16 of them, allowing the whole family to use a single device if needed.

The Ear Wizard is supposed to offer a gentler, safer approach to cleaning out your ears, and for good reason; according to a blog post on realclearscience.com, over 7,000 individuals are sent to the hospital each year with injuries due to cotton swabs, which is more than those who go due to razor blade injuries.

Obviously, a device that would enable you to clean your ears effectively, and more importantly safely, could potentially be very valuable, especially knowing all of the risks associated with the more traditional methodologies discussed above. So, how exactly does the thing work?

How Does the Ear Wizard Work?

The ear swabbing device claims to be a more effective alternative to cotton swabs and other methods of ear cleaning, such as ear candles and hot water treatments. The manufacturer asserts that these methods aren’t as effective as their product, even illustrating that traditional cotton swabs often only serve to make the problem worse by pushing wax further up into the ear canal instead of removing it.

Instead, to use the Ear Wizard, you simply insert the device into your ears and rotate. The screw-shaped tip then works the ear wax out and away from the inner ear gently and safely, according to the minds behind the product.

They also state that the product’s unique shape prevents it from going too far into your ear, allowing you to avoid any potentially painful or damaging abrasions to your eardrum.

This all sounds well and good, but we have to wonder if the simple act of inserting the device into the ear would still be enough to lodge wax further up into the ear. Although it’s probably less likely to do so here than with a traditional cotton swab thanks to the softer, less abrasive tip. Without having tested the product for ourselves, we don’t have a way to verify this, but it’s still worth considering going into a potential purchase.

So, now that we know a bit more about how the Ear Wizard works, let’s take a look at how much it’ll cost you to get one for yourself.

Ear Wizard Pricing & Return Policy

The Ear Wizard is currently available in the UK via Best Direct. The product is available for £29.99, with tax running you £5.00. Two shipping options are listed, with standard delivery (1-3 working days) costing £3.99 and express delivery (1-2 working days based on destination) running you £6.94.

With every purchase, it looks like you’ll receive the following:

  • 1 X Ear Wizard
  • 1 X Ear Wizard FREE
  • 1 X Set 16 Cleaning Tips
  • 1 X Set 16 Cleaning Tips FREE
  • 1 X Smart Travel Case
  • 1 X Additional Travel Case FREE

This means that you are essentially getting a double order of the product and all of its accessories for the £29.99 price. Finally, you can purchase additional sets of cleaning tips for £6.98 per 16 tips.

As for the return policy on the product, Best Direct offers a 30-day money back guarantee site-wide.

To return a product, you need to follow these simple steps taken from the company’s website:

  1. Please fully complete the return form on the rear side of your invoice
  2. Enclose it with your parcel
  3. Peel off the returns label you have received along with your order and attach it to your parcel
  4. Find your nearest Parcelshop on the link you will find in the returns label slip
  5. Drop-off your parcel and keep the receipt as proof of return for your records

Should You Even Be Cleaning Your Ears?

As it turns out, the answer to this question is actually the opposite of what was long thought to be true. According to a Reuters article on the matter, our ears produce wax to trap dust, dirt and other contaminants, preventing them from working their way deeper into our ears in the process.

In another article from the Smithsonian Magazine, Dr. Rob Hicks states that “There’s no need to clean your ears with a cotton bud. The ear has its own internal cleaning mechanism. Fats and oils in the ear canal trap any particles and transport them out of the ear as wax. This falls out of the ear without us noticing.”

So, it looks as though we might not need to clean our ears out ourselves, despite what many of us have been taught in years past. That being said, there are situations where earwax buildup can be problematic.

If you are experiencing any pain, a feeling of fullness in the ear, or partial or full hearing loss, it’s best to visit with a doctor right away to figure out a treatment option that will address the issue safely and effectively.

The Bottom Line: Is the Ear Wizard a Good Buy?

Looking at the Ear Wizard as a whole, it seems as though the product, on its own, could certainly live up to the promise of being a safer, more effective solution to keeping your ears clean, at least when compared to the traditional methods of doing so.

Operating the product seems to be both safer and potentially more comfortable than traditional options like cotton swabs and ear candles, and might even be able to save you money over time to boot.

A quick search online shows that there are other products that claim to be able to clean your ears safely and effectively, many of which feature designs very similar to the Ear Wizard’s. Some of these might work better than others, but in general, most of the core functionality remains the same across the board.

With that said, and as we’ve learned, it isn’t actually necessary to clean the ears ourselves under normal circumstances. In fact, it may even be doing more harm than good overall, according to some sources.

Knowing this, we simply can’t see a reason to spend money on a product that cleans your ears whenever it isn’t something that you need to do, from a medical standpoint. And even in the rare case that your ears do need some care and attention, we feel that a visit to a healthcare professional would serve you better than any other course of action over the long term.