One Wipe Wood Restorer by Dutch Glow is a product for your wood furniture and floors that touts it fixes, fills, seals, and protects in one simple step. Dutch Glow One Wipe states that you need no cleaning, sanding, or prep and that it will fix minor scratches and imperfections and leave a lasting protective seal.

What’s in Dutch Glow One Wipe that fixes up my wood?

One Wipe states that it is not a cleaner (like regular Dutch Glow or Amish Secret) but a one step restorer that refinishes and re-stains the wood. To use it the say to choose from Dark or Light according to the color of the piece you are trying to restore. Then, put a little One Wipe Wood Restorer on the included application sponge and wipe!

Dutch Glow One Wipe Wood Restorer claims that grandma’s faded table, the old family piano, or the scratched wood floor will be returned to their original glory in just one pass.

How much does Dutch Glow One Wipe Wood Restorer cost me to buy online?

One Wipe Wood Restorer from Dutch Glow comes in an 8 oz. bottle and sells on its website for $19.99 plus shipping and handling and if you buy one, you get one free as well as a High Gloss bottle. However, the fine print reveals that they charge $7.95 in fees for the shipping AND $7.95 for the supposedly free extra bottles, making the total $35.89 for 3 bottles Dutch Glow One Wipe. Note: your second bottle must be the same color as the first.

Is there a money back guarantee for One Wipe?

Yes. If you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to contact Dutch Glow and return One Wipe Wood Restorer for your money back; however this is just for the $19.99, not the $15.90 in fees and what it costs to send back.

One Wipe Wood Restorer by Dutch Glow customer service: 1-866-248-9853.

Bottom Line: Should I buy One Wipe Wood Restorer to make my wood shine?

No. Why do we say this? It’s based on the hundreds of negative reviews of Dutch Glow’s original product, a wood cleaner that customers have posted on our sister publication Highya, where it has just a 1.5 star average. Many people complain that Dutch Glow “sucks” and some warn “this stuff will damage furniture”.

Perhaps even more worrisome is the fact that many people claim they were duped into ordering more products than they wanted. Doris from Washington D.C. said there was no clear “cancel” or “submit” buttons and it included a $8 “bonus” product she said she did not intend to order:

“When I went back to try and cancel the order, guess what, the system placed another order! When I rang to explain and cancel the order, Dutch Glow pretty much said that it's too bad because the product has already been shipped. I would have to return it for a refund… This ended up costing me $60.”

How to restore old wood in your home

If your furniture is dull, you don’t need the wisdom of the Dutch to get it shining again. You can follow the instructions from This Old House on how to fix a furniture finish (short version: clean first, then wipe with pigmented furniture polish). Or, check out this groovy recipe from the Snug that uses ¼ cup vinegar and ¾ cup olive oil. 

We hope this helps you learn more about One Wipe Wood Restorer from Dutch Glow. Let us know your experience with the product below!

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