DualBeats from Inventel claims to be multi-purpose headphones – you can either wear them over your ears for a personal soundtrack or push a button and the built-in external speakers will play so your friends can join the party. DualBeats promises superior sound quality and a stylish look with a battery that lasts for hours.

How DualBeats Works

DualBeats are “over the ear” headphones that look like something you might see your favorite DJ wear and are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB; it also comes with a removable audio cable and carrying case.

What they claim makes DualBeats different from other headphones is that with the push of a button the headphones become a set of mini-speakers, sending music out into the room instead of to your ears. They claim it has a powerful built-in amplifier but provide no specs as to loudness. 

DualBeats Costs You:

$94.93 – this is pitched as $14.95 processing and handling and 2 payments of $39.99. They say you can try DualBeats yourself for 30 days for just the processing and handling fees. After 30 days if you do not return them, you will be charged $39.99 and then again in another 30 days.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee listed but it is unclear if kicks in during or after the 30-day trial. 

Bottom Line: Is DualBeats a Scam?

Headphones are, of course, a very popular accessory especially among the younger set. We would just like to point out a few things about DualBeats:

First, these are not from Beats by Dre, an extremely popular headphone company with products that sell for hundreds of dollars. The logo and the name is very similar by accident or design so don’t be confused!

Second, there is are no specs for the headphones (range, OHMs, amps, battery life, charge time, etc); for more information about what these specs mean, read this. Some consider specs to be meaningless numbers, saying it’s best to try headphones to see if you like them first.

Therefore, we like that DualBeats will only charge you $14.99 shipping to try them for yourself. However, you’ll have to pay to ship back if you don’t like them, and they will keep that $14.99. Is it worth it to you to potentially lose that money?

Note: We tried contacting DualBeats/Inventel in December 2014 via (832) 437-1111 and we reached a recorded message saying they were back-ordered because of the holidays. The machine won’t let you leave a message – instead they ask you send an email to customerservice@inventel.tv. This could potentially pose problems for you if you have any problems with DualBeats.

Let us know your experience with DualBeats – were they as loud and cool as they promised or did they suck and you had to return them?