Dual Hanger claims to be a way to save up to 3 feet of space in your cluttered closet in seconds. The manufacturers boast they are the same people that are behind Wonder Hanger and that the two-armed Dual Hanger will hold 24 garments and up to 20 lbs.

How Dual Hanger Works

Dual Hanger is an upside-down T-shaped device you hang in your closet. The arms can be used up or down and each side has spaces for 5 garments. They add it also includes a built-in LED light (brightness and battery unknown) and a pull down hook to hang ties and accessories.

They claim Dual Hanger spaces clothes evenly so they won’t get wrinkled and that it works with all hangers and is great for storing bulky coats and jackets.

Dual Hanger Will Cost You:

$22.94 for 2 Dual Hangers, listed as $14.99 plus $7.95 P&H. To further tempt you into taking this offer, they promise for $1 more they will throw in a compression space saving bag (the kind you use with a vacuum cleaner) and 2 magnetic drawer lights (size and wattage unknown).

Dual Hanger comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus P&H.

Bottom Line: Is Dual Hanger a Scam?

Dual Hanger is a new product (as of November 2014) so we couldn’t find any customer reviews about it. However, the Wonder Hanger has been around for a while and we found quite a few comments about them on Amazon.com.

There seems to be 2 models of Wonder Hanger, a plastic version that has a 3-star rating (from 244 reviews) and a stainless steel version that has 4-stars (from 241 reviews). The biggest complaint of the plastic version is that they do not hold the weight as promised and are cheaply made; the metal version seems to fare better.

The infomercial and web site don’t mention what Dual Hangers are made of, nor do they say how bright the LED light is. We called customer service and they said Dual Hanger is made from plastic and they did not know how bright the LED is or what kind of battery it uses for power.

The website states that Dual Hanger is from Product Trend, which is another name for Hampton Direct, who currently has a B- rating from the BBB for 314 complaints about their products in the last 3 years. Hampton Direct is also responsible for the 3-Way Poncho, which has a 2.5 star rating here on Bright Reviews.

The evidence, then, seems “weighted” to the fact that Dual Hanger may promise more than it actually delivers.

What do you think? Did you buy Dual Hangers and they worked as advertised or did your clothes end up in a pile on the floor? Let us (and our wonderful readers) know below!