Dyer Sheep is a ball made of wool you put in your dryer that the manufacturers claim is the natural way to soften fabrics and dry laundry faster. They state Dryer Sheep is made from 100% New Zealand wool and that it’s eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and chemical free.

How Dryer Sheep Works

Dryer Sheep is a soft ball of unknown size (the customer service number listed did not seem to be working). Dryer Sheep is said to work by lifting and separating clothes while they tumble in the dyer that allows hot air to move through more effectively. They add that Dryer Sheep will “gently massage” fabrics allowing them to fluff up and soften without any chemicals and can be used up to 1000 times.

Dryer Sheep Costs You:

At least 19.98 for 3 (listed as $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping/handling). You are encouraged to take advantage of their “special offer” of an additional 3 Dryer Sheep and Fresh Linen Oil Drops for another $6.99 in fees (the YES box is checked by default) which would make the total $26.97. If you do not want these, you must un-check the box before you click Process Order.

Dryer Sheep comes with a 30-day money baaa-ck guarantee, minus those fees and what it costs you to send them back.

Bottom Line: Is Dryer Sheep a Good Idea?

Dryer Sheep’s promise of softer, fluffier clothes is very tempting and we like that it is an all-natural product. We’d just like to point out a couple of things.

First, do dryer balls really work? According to an article in Popular Mechanics that tested the round plastic version (you know, the kind with the tiny spikes) and concluded using dryer balls didn’t make any noticeable difference in the fluffiness of the clothes. Another woman compared plastic dryer balls vs. wool in a YouTube video and found that the wool version actually increased drying time, contrary to Dryer Sheep’s claims.

Also, wool dryer balls are hardly a new innovation. A quick Internet search reveals many other competitors, also claiming to be made from New Zealand sheep wool. Consumers that buy these various wool balls do gush about how well they work to keep their clothes soft and wrinkle-free.

They are also fairly easy to make yourself with some wool yarn and a pair of panty hose and even using a new tennis ball is said to behave in a similar fashion.

Finally, we’d like to mention that when you purchase Dryer Sheep you are also agreeing to the company’s Privacy Policy that gives them permission to solicit you about other products or services as well as give your info to third parties. (You can opt-out, but you need to send them an email as well as fill out an unsubscribe form.)

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Dryer Sheep. Let us know what you think of them below!