Drain Wig is the catchy name of a “catchy” product – a device that claims to trap the hair that normally clogs your drains and allows for easy removal without ever needing to touch it. Drain Wig simply “lives” in your shower and tub drain for 3-5 months, and when the drain stops working, give it a tug and all the yucky hair comes out with it. 

How Drain Wig Works

Drain Wig is a stainless steel ball chain that has rubber strands attached to it and a cute plastic flower (for the shower version) or an anchor (for the tub) at one end. To use Drain Wig, they instruct you to thread it through one of the holes in your drain; the flower or anchor will rest on top. They state the anchor version allows you to use it with a drain plug when taking a bath.

Next, go about your regular bathing routine for a few months. When the tub or shower starts to clog, pull up on the daisy or the anchor and all the gunky hair comes with it. You then throw the whole thing in the trash. 

Drain Wig Will Cost You:

$19.95 for 4, which includes free shipping. Drain Wig also has an automatic shipment program, which by default is activated and selected for 2 Drain Wigs shipped every 90 days and you will be charged $7.98 (you can also opt for 3 Drain Wigs shipped every 90 days for $11.98). Unless you un-check the box, you will be automatically subscribed.

Drain Wig comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and customer service says you can cancel the auto-ship program at any time.

Bottom Line: Is Drain Wig a Scam?

Drain Wig was invented by a 38-year-old mother who has five daughters, so she knows a thing or two about drains clogged with hair. Reviews of Drain Wig are generally positive, averaging 4 stars on sites like Amazon.com. 

We just want to point out to you that Drain Wig is not reusable. Once it’s all full of hair you throw it away and that’s why they offer the auto-ship program. Also, since it threads through one of the holes of your existing shower drain, we wonder what would happen if you leave it in too long and it gets too clogged with hair to fit back through.

We also want to remind you that Drain Wig is not the only hair-catching device in the market; there are others made from wire and that are reusable. Also, some folks have listed a few cheap DIY methods on thriftyfun, which include simply placing an old fabric softener sheet over the drain as you shower. It may not look as cute as a daisy, but it’s much cheaper.

Let us know your experience with Drain Wig below!