Dr. Hart’s Power Floss claims to combine air and water to gently remove plaque and debris from your teeth. The Power Floss says it uses no battery or electricity and is great for people with braces and implants or those that simply hate to floss the old-fashioned way.

How Power Floss Works

Power Floss is a handheld device that uses a small thumb-activated pump to blast air and water through its tip. To use it, they say to point at your teeth and pump – this will clear away any plaque and yucky buildup. They add you can fill it up with mouthwash to freshen your breath as you use it.

Is Dr. Hart’s Power Floss as Good as Flossing?

Power Floss is an oral irrigator, a device that uses a pulsing stream of water to clean the teeth (and sometimes referred to as a water flosser). The oral irrigator was first invented in 1962 and its most famous brand is Waterpik. (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

There have been many studies, primarily funded by Waterpik, that do show the effectiveness of using an oral irrigator to reduce gingivitis, plaque, and other diseases of the teeth and gums. In spite of a sizable number of dentists who do recommend water flossers (especially for their patients with braces or sensitive gums), according to the Mayo Clinic and other professional dentists, there is still no substitute for using the waxy string between your teeth at least once a day. 

Power Floss Costs

$28.97 for 2 Power Flosses ($14.98 for the first one plus $13.98 in shipping and handling which includes a second Power Floss “free.”)

Power Floss comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but that only covers your $14.98 and not any other fees.

Bottom Line: Is Power Floss a Scam?

Dr. Hart’s Power Floss may be a quick, convenient way to rinse out your mouth, especially because it requires no batteries. However, we feel we should point out that it’s not very powerful. Since the water pressure just comes from your thumb pumping away, you’re not going to get enough to really blast away plaque – for example, Waterpik devices go up to 90 PSI. 

Also remember, almost half of your money ($13.98) won’t be refunded even if you return Power Floss. 

No matter whether you buy Power Floss or not – don’t stop flossing! :D

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