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I tried several products - no results!

Jul 9, 2015 | | Waco, TX

I tried several of Al Sears' products a few years back, mostly because I tend to get "sucked in" by intelligent sounding health articles. After all, we all would love to live a longer healthier life.

I can not recall which products I tried, except I know I tried the Primal Lean to loose weight. It did not work.

One good point though, I had no problem getting a full refund without having to return anything. He does have very good customer service.

I wish this weren't my review!

Mar 8, 2015 | | CA

I am so sad and mystified. Dr. Sears' information appears so informative and excellent, for a life well lived; I have long been a fan of his newsletter and all that he strives to share.

However, when I was about to recommend a FL friend see him as a medical doctor, I first looked up his sites, and watched him on video, just to assure myself.

I was horrified, disappointed, and nervous about writing this review, since his marketing is so good, I wonder at the repercussions of this writing. Most particularly as I don't, at first glance, see anyone else mentioning this.

Dr. Sears talks about leading a healthier, "younger" more vital life; and yet he seems old beyond his apparent years.

He appears unwell. In one tape, he can't seem to remember where he is in his speaking. And falters again and again. And then again.

This is so sad. This man I've admired for so long; I'm left wondering and wishing this weren't so.

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