Dr. Al Sears MD is a website heralded by Dr. Al Sears, an anti-aging specialist with a medical practice in Royal Palm Beach, Florida but loyal followers around the world. He claims his medical training along with his firm belief in natural medicines makes him uniquely qualified to give you the best advice for health and longevity.

Who Is Dr. Al Sears?

According to his bio, Dr. Al Sears graduated from South Florida College of Medicine with honors. (Although he has the same last name, he should not be confused with Dr. Robert Sears and his medical family that runs AskDrSears.com.)

Dr. Al Sears claims to be the first board-certified anti-aging specialist. Indeed, he appears to be certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) but it should be noted that this organization is not recognized by the American Medical Association. 

One of the main things Dr. Sears does is publish books: so far he has written 15 of them, including PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution and 12 Secrets to Virility. He also writes articles, newsletters, and DVD seminars, all promising to give you the secrets for a longer, healthier life.

The Dr. Al Sears MD Pitch

Dr. Al Sears is a big fan of the personal anecdote and going after “big pharma” and the “medical-industrial complex” which he claims are simply out to make money off of people who are sick. 

And while the Dr. Al Sears website is full of lengthy free articles that claim to give you “banned” or “confidential” anti-aging cures or the like, it should remember that ultimately he too would like your money in the form of buying one of his products or memberships. 

Dr. Al Sears’ main strategy is the long-form pitch, which is designed to slowly draw you in with convincing-sounding evidence and then an urgent plea for you to take action (i.e. pay for the book/DVD that has all the secrets). Marketers have known for years that longer pages “convert” (meaning get you to buy) better than short ones. 

Dr. Al Sears MD Costs:

Dr. Al Sears MD’s products range from ebooks and audio books starting at $14.95 and all the way up to $69.95 for the PACE Heart Rate Monitor. 

All products sold on the website claim to have a 100% money back guarantee, including any shipping fees any time you request it – he adds you do not need to ship anything back, either. Why would he do this? Because studies show most people won’t contact customer service anyway. 

Bottom Line: Is Dr. Al Sears MD a Scam?

Dr. Al Sears has a lot of information on his site and seems to be offering to give you anti-aging secrets no one else knows about… for a price.

For example, let’s look at an article he calls one of his customer favorites: “The Outlawed Cure for All Disease.” Through a very long, drawn out process, he divulges that telomeres, a newly-discovered component of our chromosomes is thought responsible for aging and for $39 for the year, you can have access to his Gold Membership which will tell you, amongst other tidbits how to lengthen your telomeres and therefore lengthen life.

The concept of lengthening telomeres is indeed promising according to studies at Stanford which were able to temporarily lengthen strands in a petri dish. However, they noted this is just a first step towards treating aging or disease. In addition, University of San Francisco did a pilot study that showed (surprise, surprise) diet, exercise, stress reduction, and social gatherings can lengthen them without a pill 

What we’re trying to point out is that much of his so-called secret information can be found elsewhere, and it usually boils down to better diet and exercise. Some have noted his books and articles are filled with hard-sells of more products. The most helpful review of his PACE book on Amazon stated: “The book is like an infomercial in that it harps over and over and over and over and over again about the amazing benefits of this program to the detriment of the actual content.”

Let us know your experience with Dr. Al Sears MD – did he give you great advice or was it bogus?