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Fool me Twice.

Jan 27, 2018 | | Washington DC

The first time I placed an order with DD I was contacted by the driver via text, to inform me that he had a flat tire but he would me mobile momentarily. One hour later, no driver and no call from DD. I finally called customer service, spoke to a rep and they kept me on the line while trying to contact the driver. He never responded but I received a refund and discount on my next order. A few weeks later a similar scenario happened again!

DoorDash is horrible.

Jan 27, 2018 | | Washington DC

DoorDash is so bad, they took 2 hours for my order but they initially told me it would take an hour. When I contacted the driver, he was so rude. Unfortunately I couldn’t cancel my order. I never ate the food. I was afraid the driver did something because he was so rude.

Terrible delivery service.

Jan 27, 2018 | | Denver, CO

Unbelievably bad service! The driver didn't deliver and then lied about it. It's frustrating being hungry and tired, and then having to wait an hour past the delivery time for a pizza. They gave me the delivery guy's cell phone number, saying he was having trouble finding me. I tried to reach him multiple times, but he wouldn't pick up. Finally, I texted. He said he was sorry for the inconvenience but he didn't say when the pizza would reach me, and then fell silent again.

I had to call DoorDash and spend time on hold waiting for a rep (who appeared to be in Indonesia or some far-flung place) to get a refund for the pizza that never came. Also, note, the driver seemed to claim that he HAD delivered the pizza, based on the online record.

In the end, they agreed to refund my money. Also, I later called the restaurant for a pickup of the same pizza, and it was ready and wonderful in a quarter of the time. It took DoorDash to pretend to deliver! DON'T USE THEM!

The worst customer service I've ever seen and no transparency whatsoever.

Jan 25, 2018 | | BC

Ridiculous company with poorly trained and rude employees. I used to order from Virtuous Pie all the time until they suddenly out of nowhere, decided to take my address out of the delivery radius to "ensure the food is always fresh". BS. I called, trying to get the real reasons, and these stupid robots give answers out of a script reading the same thing over, and over, again. Really, is it that hard to be transparent with customers? Virtuous Pie should seriously reconsider the decision to just have one delivery service, which is as bad as this one. It's disrespectful to their customers.

Once was more than enough.

Jan 24, 2018 | | Salt Lake City

Yikes! I guess my experience wasn't as bad as some that I've read on this website, but I want to add my bit.

I ordered food at 6:18 pm with an expected delivery of 7:23 pm. At 7:10 pm it indicated that the dasher had the food and was on his way. Twenty minutes later, at 7:30 pm our screen changed to let us know our food had been delivered and asked about the quality of food and service.

Delivered? Haha. Maybe, but not to us, the ones who paid the bill. I went straight to the Help/Support portion of their website and chatted with a service rep. She quickly mentioned she would refund our money, regardless of the status of our food. (Which was the only positive in this circumstance, that I didn't have to fight for a refund but by what I'm reading, I need to watch the charge on my card and make sure it is definitely processed.)

Anyway, the rep reached out to the driver, but the call went directly to voicemail, so there was apparently no way to discover what had happened to our order.

In addition to the chat online, I received a phone call from the rep, reiterating that she processed a refund, indicating I should check my email for the confirmation, and letting me know she understood my frustration at waiting so long and then not receiving my order. She ended the call by mentioning she could see it was the first time I had used their service and she hoped it wouldn't be the last.

I ended the call kindly but really wanted to laugh. They think I would try that train wreck again? Heck no! We are eating leftovers from the fridge.

BEWARE Your info is not safe.

Jan 24, 2018 | | Austin

Their payment system is not safe! My card was charged to a called restaurant Mama Fus and not DoorDash. When I called, they had a bunch of untrained people who didn’t speak or write in English very well. They don’t listen. HORRIBLE

Crappy service.

Jan 23, 2018 | | Sacramento

Food was late, substitute item was incorrect, overcharged, they tried to process the payment so many times my credit card company called me with a fraud alert, how many things can one group of morons in their office screw up?

Terrible Terrible Company

Jan 22, 2018 | | Houston, TX

Awful service. I ordered a few times. The first was fine. The last order was missing an item that ended up costing $8.95 plus tax. They agreed to refund $6.49. It's not the money, it's the principal. The entire amount OBVIOUSLY should have been refunded. You just lost a good customer due to your complete and utter stupidity DoorDash. Bunch of geniuses they've got over there!

Paid and No Delivery.

Jan 18, 2018 | | Massapequa, NY

I ordered Taco Bell using DoorDash for the first time. I placed my order at 7:30 pm using Apple Pay, so I was alerted instantaneously that my order was paid and money was taken from my account. At 9:00 pm I was still waiting for my food. According to the website, my order is still in the cart and needs to be checked out. LOL. This place is a JOKE! Never again. I read numerous reviews about this exact same thing happening to other people. I wish I could give them a negative rating!

Business Poachers!

Jan 17, 2018 | | San Antonio, Texas

As a business owner, we pride ourselves on the service that we provide. I have had numerous customers call to complain about their delivery orders that DoorDash placed. DoorDash has leeched themselves to all search engines for our business. At no time did we ever authorize any collaboration with them. Beware, go directly to the restaurant's website.

Not Honest About Having No Drivers.

Jan 14, 2018 | | Houston, TX

I placed my first order with DoorDash yesterday. A few minutes later, I received a call from the DoorDash 800 number asking if my driver had called me yet. When I said no, I was told he'd call soon but no driver ever called me. About 20 minutes later, the DoorDash 800 number called again and advised me that my restaurant told them they were all out of the food I had ordered, so the order was canceled. I called the restaurant myself right after that and they said they were NOT out of the food. I suspect that DoorDash just couldn't find a driver. I can understand not having drivers available but I cannot understand why they are being dishonest about it.

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