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Horrible service and customer service

Dec 28, 2018 | | Illinois

This was the worst experience I have ever had. The food took three hours, it was cold and soggy. Customer service was ridiculous, they offered us a $10 credit. They were rude. I had to call them five times just to see if we were getting our food. I don't anticipate them being around long.

Save yourself the headache!

Dec 28, 2018 | | Dallas, TX

This is the most unprofessional and unreliable delivery service ever. The food is NEVER delivered on time, or the dasher just doesn't show up altogether. Use Uber Eats if you're reading this, their prices are more expensive but I've never had an issue with my food being late or not showing up.

Worst customer service on the planet.

Dec 27, 2018 | | Los Angeles, CA

I tried to order food for delivery. There was a problem with my credit card (information entered incorrectly). I called my credit card company. There was no problem with my credit card. I tried again, removed that card, put in another card. There was a problem with that card, again nformation entered incorrectly. I called my credit card company. There's no problem with that credit card either. I submitted a help request. I needed the food THAT DAY on Christmas Eve for my 84-year-old mother, who was alone and not able to leave the house. I searched their website for a way to talk with a human being. No luck. I searched the internet and found a phone number with the information on the web. Why make people rely on other customers to find a way to reach out to you? It's very short-sighted and bad customer relations.

I called. Sorry, there's nothing we can do. Here, I'll send you information in an email about what to do. Seriously? You can send me an email with what to do but can't actually voice the words over the phone? I relay everything, I've already done and confirmed that email. Will they tell me something different? Oh yes, the email will have the correct instructions. Great. So, the email walks me through the exact steps I already tried. So, I call again. Oh, your concern has been "escalated." Great. You'll get a phone call in two to four days. Super, that will sure help with the order that I'm trying to place for delivery today. I call the restaurant and they say, "Sorry, the only way we can do delivery is through DoorDash. I get an email asking me when they could call. I say "now" and then I wait. I finally get a callback, but unfortunately, now I'm in a movie so I can't answer the phone. Then I get an email saying we tried to call you, but no one answered. Please reply to this email with time we can call you back. Seriously, even then you can't bother to leave a phone number for me to call? I have to email you back with a time for you to call me back after that's already failed? I am truly shocked at the poor customer service from DoorDash and will certainly never use this service again.


Dec 27, 2018 | | Waco, TX

So I usually order from the guys at work. Well, the one time I used them at home and then back at work again, I forgot to change the address from home to work. The driver delivered to my house when I tried to call and inform them of the mistake immediately after submitting my order and no one answered. When the driver finally called me he said he left the meal on my front porch in the rain since no one answered and he took off. I informed him I was trying to reach him and I was at work and wouldn’t be home until the next morning since I work night shift and all he said was “I’m sorry.” I called the call center and all they said was that I could get a $5 credit for my next purchase. I understand it was my fault and I will take the blame for that, but they had no sympathy and I work less than five miles from my house. I’m a registered nurse and there’s nowhere to eat at the hospital at night. I bring a lot of business to this company and they do not value their customers. One of my coworkers ordered the floor $60 worth of food that never got to us and all they said was that they would credit her and didn’t refund her money. She said, “What am I gonna do with a $60 credit for DoorDash?” I’m so disappointed.

Reference bonus

Dec 26, 2018 | | Vancouver, Canada

I referred one of my friends so I should get a $750 bonus after he completes 150 deliveries within two months, and he did it in just 20-25 days. Now I don’t see anything in my account, so I just emailed them and they asked more evidence as they said they don’t see anything like that in their system. So my friend just took screenshots when he signed up and it clearly says that you have been referred by me and I sent them this evidence, but now they are saying the same thing that they don’t see anything like that in their system. My friend bought a car and did the DoorDash delivery just because I told him and now all this happening. I would never recommend anyone to do the DoorDash in my life. I would give less than zero rating if I could. I would appreciate if anyone can help me to get my $750 bonus because it’s genuine. Please if anyone can help.

A day before Christmas

Dec 25, 2018 | | Cupertino, CA

I am here visiting my family and my friend, and I just made a huge order for six people. The order was passed the time that said it would be delivered. We called the driver to ask where the food was and he said he didn’t know and that someone else took the order. A $160 order of food. We complained to DoorDash and they tried to make excuses, lied and gave us a hard time to return the money. We will use Uber Eats instead of DoorDash.

Worst company ever

Dec 24, 2018 |

This company is a joke. I get that they can’t control what their dashers do, but I have had at least seven times where my order was never processed, came super late, or never even showed up at all. I’ve had to cancel at least five orders because of them, and they always just give me a refund but not a penny more. I’m done! I don’t even know why I so stupidly thought that things could change. But I’m done now and they will not get another penny from me EVER.

Delivery fee

Dec 23, 2018 | | Texas

I was enticed to use DoorDash because I was told my first delivery from Jack in the Box would be free, yet I was charged. When I complained was offered no resolution. I do not recommend this delivery service and in fact, it seems that all delivery services are a hoax. I will never order anything through any kind of service like this ever again.

A comedy of errors

Dec 23, 2018 | | Orange County, CA

The initial order arrived on time. Sadly, one meal was missing and the other was incorrect. Doordash customer service said they'd send replacements. No replacements arrived. The second driver said he delivered and called, but I'm still hungry.

They are fraudulent, there is a 50/50 chance that you will even get your food

Dec 23, 2018 | | Newark, NJ

The most horrible company I’ve ever encountered. Even the manager reflected a disgusting attitude. I am ashamed to have ever even downloaded the app. They don’t care about your food, servicing you, nor protecting your rights as a human being.

Stolen cell phone from dasher

Dec 23, 2018 | | Tucson, AZ

Yesterday I ordered food at my job. I was not there to receive it when dasher came. She dropped off the cold food and stole my cell phone behind the counter. My co-worker saw her when she was leaving. She was caught on camera. First, she lied and said she never saw a phone. Then after I told her she was on camera, she said my co-worker asked for MY cell phone. What she did was unethical and unprofessional. I even begged her to bring my phone back and I wouldn’t press charges but she continued to deny she had my cell phone, even when it’s on camera. Her name is Kelly, she’s 5’9" with blonde hair and works in Tucson AZ. Beware.

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