DoD Fitness (short for “Do or Die”) is a company that manufactures specially shaped cushions designed to assist with yoga, Pilates, or other exercise moves. These consist of wedges they say support the wrists, donuts that go under the knees, and a neck circle you rest your head upon when lying on your back. They state these items are latex-free and proudly made in the U.S.A. 

How DoD Fitness Works

DoD Fitness has 3 products: Knee Donuts, Wrist Wedges, and a Neck Circle. They claim each of these was specifically designed to reduce stress and eliminate discomfort during exercise. 

To use DOD Fitness items, place them on the ground while doing your routine. Then, instead of having your knees touch the cold, hard gym floor (or thin yoga mat), place them on the Knee Donuts. 

While doing yoga moves like downward-facing dog, put your hands on the wedges. They claim this will decrease pressure in the wrists and create a “biomechanically correct” position for your hand. 

The same goes for the Neck Circle; they instruct you to put your head on it when lying face up, which they state aligns your neck in the perfect way and will eliminate or reduce pain.

DoD Fitness Price:

Both the Knee Donuts and Wrist Wedges list for $19.99 and the Neck Circle goes for $9.99 plus $5.95 S&H for the first item and $2.95 for the rest. However, if you purchase all three, the total is $50.94 ($44.99 plus $5.95 S&H), saving you about ten bucks.

DOD Fitness products come with a 14-day money back guarantee, minus S&H. 

Bottom Line: Is DOD Fitness a Scam?

DoD Fitness and the company behind them, Nomoka, LLC seem reputable, although there is no information about either co. on the BBB website. We especially like their Privacy Policy, which promises they won’t sell or use your personal information other than to fulfill your order without permission. 

We’d just like to remind you that instead of the more standard 30-day money back guarantee you only have 2 weeks to try DOD Fitness products in order to qualify for a return should you not like them.

Reviews for DoD Fitness products are generally positive, with many people exclaiming that they have helped them avoid/alleviate pain and provide excellent cushioning. 

The most controversial of the pieces are the Wrist Wedges. Some reviewers state they did help them shift weight away from their wrists, while others complain that their hands slipped off them and that their use is possibly dangerous.

This does make sense, because the wrist is a very delicate joint and doing strenuous poses where you put pressure on them can lead to trouble, especially if you are a newbie.

Generally speaking, however, wrist wedges can be useful but you might want to consult with your instructor or physical therapist first for proper use.

We’d also like to point out you may get similar relief on the neck and knees by simply using a rolled-up towel, and some yoga/Pilates studios supply cushions or wedges for their students.

Still, if you exercise frequently and need some joint relief, DOD Fitness products may indeed a good idea. Just remember, you only have 14 days to try them out. 

You may also want to read: Bearing Up Under Pressure from Yoga Journal which offers tips on protecting the wrists.

And let us know your experience with DOD Fitness below!