Diabetes Free is a downloadable eBook from Dr. David Pearson that claims to give you the recipe for a “Miracle Shake” that treats the “root cause of diabetes.” For $37 he promises he will give you vital dietary information that will help treat, prevent, and possibly eliminate both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

The Diabetes Free Pitch

Diabetes Free/Dr. David Peterson uses a tried-and-true long-form pitch that takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride to get you to buy his eBook and related products. First, he issues a stern Warning that the information contained in the video is being suppressed by “Big Pharma” and this video could be yanked at any time – perhaps even while you are watching it.

Next, Dr. Peterson tells a personal story about how his father was a type 2 diabetic who had his leg amputated, which spurred him to do research into a cure. He talks about how, as a doctor, he found many roadblocks for a cure from the pharmaceutical industry, who don’t want the secrets he found known because it will lose them a lot of money. He also has a few video testimonials from people with both types of diabetes who claim Diabetes Free helped them reduce and/or eliminate their need for medications.

The main ingredient he claims will help you is a hormone called IGF, which humans produce naturally throughout their lives. According to our research, IGF is only indirectly related to diabetes. A company that was doing research into developing IGF drugs discontinued because of side effects like blindness in patients that took it. 

Although he says at the beginning that this video is only 6 minutes, it goes on for at least 30 minutes, with no opportunity to rewind or fast-forward. This is perhaps so you may succumb to decision fatigue and click the order button since he claims to be offering a product worth thousands of dollars for just $37 (and if you refresh your browser at any time the price goes down to $27).

Who is Dr. Peterson?

Quite frankly, we don’t know. He says he’s a doctor (presumably an M.D. and not a PhD). A Google search turned up nothing but fake affiliates as well as a few websites where commenters warn that this is a scam. We couldn’t find him on WebMD or Healthgrades.com where most legitimate doctors are listed. 

Diabetes Free Cost:

$37 for 4 eBooks including Diabetes Free and the Truth About Insulin but if you try to leave the order page it goes down to $27. These are said to be available immediately after purchase as a download.

Diabetes Free is said to come with a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Bottom Line: Is Diabetes Free a Scam?

There are many “red flags” about Diabetes Free, which we touched upon before: a long, rambling pitch, a lack of transparency about who Dr. Pearson is, lack of verifiable medical evidence about his claims, as well as a long list of consumer comments that say it is a “scam”. Some that have purchased Diabetes Free and read it say its recipes are incomplete, incoherent, or require purchasing herbs that are hard to find.

Since Dr. Pearson seems to be selling a book and not an actual supplement (although some reviewers have mentioned an upsell for a $47 bottle of something called Rejuvenate) he seems to be abiding by the law regarding the selling of supplements that claim to cure, treat, or prevent disease. Over the years both the FDA and the FTC have warned about supplement companies making fraudulent claims about curing diabetes. 

Let us make this clear: there is no cure for diabetes!

There are several FREE resources that offer very valuable dietary information for diabetics. A couple of these are: National Diabetes Education Program and information on treating diabetes from the Mayo Clinic, considered the #1 Hospital in the Nation by the US News, Health and World Report. 

If you did order the book and would like a refund, we suggest contacting Clickbank directly at 1-800-390-6035 and keep your eye on your bank statement for any unrelated charges.

And let us know your experience with Diabetes Free below!

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