Diabazole is a supplement that claims to be an all-natural supplement that will lower your cholesterol, glucose levels, and blood pressure as well as increase insulin sensitivity, making it the perfect choice for someone living with diabetes. Diabazole promises it will reduce diabetic decay and confide it’s the secret pill that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about.

What are the ingredients that they say makes Diabazole great for treating diabetes?

Diazabole is said to contain turmeric, berberine, and piperine at the optimal levels, creating a “synergy” that will lead to the perfect blood sugar levels and a healthier you. But let’s take a closer look at what current medical research has to say about each.

Turmeric: (Curcuma longa) An ancient herb/spice that has been used as folk medicine for thousands of years and also gives curry its color and flavor. According to the University of Maryland, curcumin, the active substance in turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to decrease inflammation and stop blood clots from forming; however most studies have been in test tubes and animals and state it may not work as well in humans. Turmeric may also decrease blood sugar levels, so diabetics are cautioned about taking it when also taking prescribed medications as it may cause hypoglycemia. 

Berberine: A yellow alkaloid from the barberry tree that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine that also has been shown to reduce inflammation. A Chinese study of 116 people concluded berberine was safe and effective in treating type 2 diabetes vs. a placebo. WebMD states there is also preliminary evidence it can lower cholesterol, but insufficient proof it can prevent congestive heart failure. However very few human studies have been conducted, and diabetes researcher Jenny Rule cautions berberine’s long-term safety has not been assessed. 

Piperine: A component of pepper, piparine has been shown to enhance the benefits of curcumin. It is also thought to be an anti-inflammatory agent but WedMD says there is insufficient evidence it can be used to treat any condition. Piperine has moderate interaction with a number of drugs, including lithium, so caution is advised if taking lithium medication.

Conclusion: There is some evidence these ingredients work together to treat diabetes, but their long-term safety and effectiveness is unknown. Diabazole could interact with medications you are on, so consult your doctor. The most conclusive evidence is that you can use these ingredients to make a delicious yellow curry

How much does it cost for a bottle of Diabazole?

Diabazole promises a trial offer of their blood sugar lowering supplement, which appears to be a $4.95 shipping fee. However a closer look at the fine print reveals:

  • You have 14 days from the date you ordered Diabazole to try it. Since they estimate it could take 3-5 days for it come (or longer) this will give you a very short window of time to take Diabazole and feel its affects, if any.
  • After this 14 days, you will be billed $89.36 and enrolled in an auto-ship program.
  • You will be billed $89.36 and sent more Diabazole until you cancel.

Diabazole Refund and Contact Information:

Even though they state on one of their websites that Diabazole is risk-free for 90 days and contains a Triple Guarantee, this merely means they will refund the purchase of one bottle, opened or not, within 90 days.

Screenshot of one of Diabazole's websites

But then on the following order page, it lists a 60-day money back guarantee:

Screenshot of one of Diabazole's websites

Diabazole customer service number: 1-888-638-2030 – when we called it hung up on us.

Diabazole contact address:
17470 N Pacesetter Way Suite 15
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

When we looked this address up we found it was a virtual office location.

Diabazole Affiliate Scam

Diabazole appears to be stuffing the search engine results with scam affiliates, meaning websites with provocative headlines that make you want to click on them but either are owned by the same company or the site gets a commission on every sale. Like this one (notice the poor English grammar):

Screenshot of one of Diabazole's websites

Clicking on the button takes you to the Diazabole home page.

To find out more about fake affiliates and how to spot them, read this article!

Bottom Line: Is Diabazole effective medicine to treat or prevent type 2 diabetes?

In our review, we’ve attempted to show you the (possible) good effects as well as alert you to possible side effects or interaction warnings of taking Diabazole. 

But in spite of all their hype, sadly, there is still no cure for diabetes. The most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself and visit your doctor regularly. 

In addition, we’d like to remind you that Diabazole has a questionable return policy, a sneaky auto-ship program hidden in the fine print, works out of a temporary virtual office, and has a non-working phone number.

Therefore, we do not recommend you buy from Diabazole.

What do I do if I have diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, affects almost 30 million people. Diabetes is defined as having very high blood sugar levels when the body doesn’t make or use insulin well, leading to serious health problems. Those with type 2 diabetes must regularly take pills or insulin.

If you think you have diabetes or are at risk (older and obese people are particularly susceptible) visit your doctor. You will need a serious lifestyle change that includes regular foot examinations and taking medications. The best thing you can do for yourself to reduce the effects of or prevent type 2 diabetes is watch your diet.

Foods to eat include:
Fruit, veggies, whole grains, wheat bran

Foods to avoid:
Saturated fats, high cholesterol like egg yolks or shell fish, fast food.

Diabetics have to really count their carbs and note the glycemic index of foods so they don’t raise their blood sugar too high. 

For more information, visit the National Diabetes Education Program or the Mayo Clinic.

And let us know your experience with Diabazole below!

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