Devonne by Demi is a line of skin care products that the marketers claim will “multi-task” on your skin, cleansing, purifying, soothing, healing, and protecting. It’s touted by the actress/singer Demi Lovato (Devonne is her middle name) who promises her line of products are the natural way to achieve beautiful, clear skin.

How Devonne by Demi Works

Devonne by Demi is a combination of three products: a Deep Facial Cleanser, a Hydrating Radiance Mist, and 3-in-1 Moisturizing Primer. They state that they are sulfate and paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and safe for all skin types. In the FAQ, they add that the products are made from “proprietary blends” of botanical and marine extracts, including reishi mushroom, saw palmetto, licorice root, and seaweed extracts.

Devonne by Demi states that it’s important to use all three products in order to make your skin clear, calm, bright, and more beautiful. They say to use each product no more than twice a day in small amounts as directed to achieve your goal.

The Devonne by Demi Pitch

Like many lines of skin care products, Devonne by Demi is pitched by a beautiful actress or model; in this case it’s Demi Lovato, a former child star turned pop icon. Miss Lovato has a fervent fan base that often write fan fiction about her. What sets Devonne by Demi apart from some other products is that they state she worked “closely” with chemists to create these special formulas.

In addition, the company states a portion of sales will go to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship. Demi says she co-founded this program in honor of her late father and to help people with addiction or mental health issues. (However, they do not list the specific amount that will be donated.)

Devonne by Demi Pricing Options

The language on the website says the 3-piece kit sells at a price “starting” at $29.95. However, when you click the “Order Now” button, you are given 2 options:

  • One-time purchase of $45.90 ($39.95 list plus $5.95 S&H)
  • Monthly subscription of $35.90 ($29.95 plus $5.95 S&H)
  • Both include free cosmetic bag

If you choose monthly subscription, you save $10 on your order, but you will be billed and shipped new product every 30 days until you cancel.

Either way, Devonne by Demi is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee, minus the S&H and what it costs you to return.

Bottom Line: Is Devonne by Demi a Scam?

Devonne by Demi is a new product that won’t officially launch until December 2014. Therefore, there are no consumer reviews yet. We like Demi’s “self-empowerment” manifesto and the fact that she is donating at least some proceeds towards helping people with mental illness. We also appreciate that the company is upfront about their subscription plan, and not leaving it in the fine print.

We do still want to point out a few things. First, the term “non-comedogenic” is not regulated by the FDA. If you’d like to learn more about what this means and the typical ingredients to which this refers, read this article on Non-Comedogenic Basics.

Second, Devonne by Demi’s Privacy Policy States they may use your personal info: “to contact you with updates, newsletters and other informational and promotional materials from us and third party marketing offers from our trusted partners, as well as from other companies.” This translates to: expect to be solicited. (The website says you may opt out of these by contacting the individual companies.)

Skin care products as a general rule aren’t cheap and everyone has their own preference. If you are interested in trying Devonne by Demi because of the product, the celebrity, or the pitch, we suggest:

  • Purchasing the one-time amount. Yes, it will cost you $10 more but you won’t have to worry about monthly charges and cancelling orders. You can also determine if you like their product and can still return within 60 days.
  • Contacting the company to tell them you don’t want to be solicited. You may also need to click “unsubscribe” to emails that appear in your inbox.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Devonne by Demi. Let us know what you did below!