DermaSleep is a topical spray that claims with just a spritz on the skin you will quickly fall fast asleep and wake up completely refreshed the next day. This is because they say DermaSleep contains melatonin, a chemical made by the body that affects our sleep cycle and because it’s sprayed on the skin it’s more effectively absorbed than taking a pill.

How DermaSleep Works

DermaSleep states its primary ingredient is melatonin, but it doesn’t list how much. It comes in a spray bottle because they state 90% of potency is lost when melatonin is taken taken in pill form. 

To use DermaSleep they tell you to just spray on your skin – the melatonin will be quickly absorbed in the bloodstream and you will begin to feel sleeeepy. Then, once asleep, they promise you will sleep all night and wake up feeling great the next day.

They add it’s not habit-forming and great for jet lag, changing the work schedule, or periods of stress when you can’t stop tossing and turning.

DermaSleep Costs:

$23.90 for 2 DermaSleep sprays, what they claim is a 60-night supply. While this is pitched as $10, they add $6.95 in shipping/handling for both the first and second sprays.

DermaSleep comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but this only covers the $10 and not the $13.90 in fees. 

Bottom Line: Is DermaSleep a Good Product?

Here are some things we do know: melatonin is a chemical secreted from the pineal gland and it is thought to have something to with our sleep pattern. At night we make more, and in the day less. The thought is taking melatonin helps reverse this if you need to sleep during the day or can help those that have low levels in their body.

Indeed, the Mayo Clinic states that there is some evidence taking melatonin can help with jet lag, insomnia in the elderly or children, and sleep enhancement for normal sleepers. A spray can also be an effective way to absorb medicine. 

Here’s what is not known about melatonin: its long-term effects. According to the American Cancer Society, melatonin may thin the blood or affect hormone levels and might not be good for people with immune disorders. If you are taking any medicines or have health issues, you should talk to your doctor before taking any melatonin.

Here’s what we don’t know about DermaSleep: who makes it or how much melatonin is in it. Recent investigations into supplement sellers has shown there is a lot of fraud in the industry, with products being mislabeled or not containing any active ingredients. 

On top of that, their sneaky pricing means you will pay $13.90 in fees that you can’t get back even if you return DermaSleep within 30 days.

Here’s what we suggest: if you are having difficulty sleeping and you’ve spoken to your doctor, purchase melatonin from a company that carries the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Seal. USP is an independent lab that tests the ingredients in supplements for purity. Here is a list of them – this way you know for sure that it contains melatonin and not just powdered chalk. We also strongly suggest you don’t use melatonin as a long-term solution. 

Currently just 1% of supplements carry the USP seal and Derma Sleep is not one of them.

Let us know your experience with Derma Sleep and/or melatonin below!