Dermallure is a skin cream that promises to give you beautiful skin with a proven formula better than Botox and has amazingly fast results that will make you look years younger. Dermallure says it’s Hollywood’s best kept secret and tempt you with a special offer in order to get you to try it…

How they Try and Convince you Dermallure is a Great Product

Dermallure uses several tried-and-true methods to get you interested in their skin care product. First, they have pictures of a few beautiful models with flawless skin that likely have never even heard of Dermallure, let alone tried it.

In fact, we’ve seen this beautiful face before… many times! Dermallure appears to be affiliated with or at least using the same exact template for their website as several other so-called anti-aging creams, as illustrated by the photo below captured by our intrepid investigator friends over at Highya.

Then they’ll have some dramatic Before/After pictures, that if you really take a second to look closely at you can see it’s the same picture with a bad airbrush:

Next, they use some fancy statistics to “prove” the Dermallure works, saying that in a trial of several hundred women, after 8 weeks:

The problem is: they don’t give any more information as to who conducted it or how. The general standard is that it is an independent double-blind placebo-controlled study that has been submitted for peer review and it’s highly unlikely they followed this protocol or they’d tell you. To learn more about how to read a clinical study, click here!

Here’s one of our favorite quotes we see on this template all the time:

While this may be true (dermatologists usually recommend at least wearing sunscreen to protect from UV rays) note how 9 out of 10 dermatologists don’t specifically recommend Dermallure!

Another thing to note is although they say Dermallure contains an “advanced formula” with “intelligent ingredients” that enter the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, they don't list the actual ingredients. Since the cosmetic industry is essentially unregulated, we really have no idea what is in there.

Search Engine Stuffing

Another common tactic with companies like Dermallure is to create a bunch of fake review sites and stuff them with text and keywords so that they rise to the top of search engine results.

But if you really read any of these closely you can tell they are poorly written articles designed to confuse you into thinking it’s an unbiased review. By law, these sites are supposed to have language to let you know they are they are affiliated with the product or may receive compensation for their review but many don’t (like the ones linked above). To learn more about how to spot a fake affiliate, read this article!

How They Tempt You To Try Dermallure

Dermallure says they will give you a trial offer and adds urgency by saying there are a limited amount of bottles given out per day.

They also have a countdown clock at the top of the screen to add to the pressure.

The truth is, there is likely plenty of Dermallure in the stockroom – if you visit the website tomorrow they will still have the same warning.

Once they’ve got your name, address, and phone number they’ll take you to the order page. (They get this information first so that in case you abandon the transaction they can still use it to solicit you with other products.)

Here’s the trick – if you try and leave, a popup window will come up offering you another special 70% discount, reducing the price to just $2.95!

The main thing is: they want your credit card number so they can enroll you in an auto-ship program.

Please Tell Me More About Dermallure’s Trial Offer

Ok, since you asked nicely. Notice how they say there is a 15-day trial offer with no commitments.

But down there in the tiny print (see the red arrows we added) it says:

“By submitting, you concent [sic] to having read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions and after your 15 day trial period has expired, being enrolled in our membership program for $94.96 plus shipping per month. You can cancel anytime by calling 1-866-297-9775.”

If you do read the Terms and Conditions you will discover:

  • The 15 days starts 2 days after you order, although they say the package could take 2-5 days to arrive (they can’t guarantee when).
  • You must contact them at least 1 business day before the 15 days ends to make arrangements to send it back.
  • In order to cancel recurring shipments, you must contact them at least 1 business day before the month is up.
  • No refunds are available for the trial after the 15 days are up.
  • You waive the right to sue them or join a class action lawsuit if you encounter any problem with Dermallure.

In other words, you will have a very limited window to try the product for free and return it before you are on the hook for at least $94.96.

Bottom Line: Is Dermallure Worth The Price?

For all the reasons cited above, we do not recommend you purchase Dermallure. To top it off, the Better Business Bureau gives Dermallure a D- rating. The BBB has also issued an alert on Dermallure saying they tried to contact them by mail at the address listed on the website (14000 Zippo Way, Haslet TX 76052) regarding several complaints and the letters were returned.

We also found the same address used for Imperial Skin, and Ultra Restore Skin Care. According to Google maps, the address is a residential house.

Here is their phone number: 1-866-297-9775

If you have any problems with Dermallure or getting a refund, you can file a complaint with the BBB as well as follow the steps as outlined in our article on how to deal with fraud.

And be sure to let us and others know about your experience with Dermallure by leaving a review below.