DermaKtive is a pair of wrinkle-busting creams sold separately or as a package that claim to boost collagen, get rid of dark spots and give you smooth, beautiful skin in just a few days. They state you can purchase the combo outright or sign up for a 14-day trial to see how well it works for yourself.

The DermaKtive Ingredients

There are 2 products – DermaKtive AM which they state contains Matrixyl and Argireline and DermaKtive PM that contains Reservatrol and Hyaluronic Acid.

A study conducted by the University of Reading showed that Matrixyl can double the amount of collagen, responsible for making skin smoother, if the concentration is high enough; however DermaKtive does not list how much Matirixyl is in each bottle. Argireline is a peptide thought to prevent the release of certain proteins that cause muscles to move (and subsequently skin to wrinkle). There is one study in Spain that showed a 30% reduction of wrinkle-depth in patients that used Argireline.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found around the eyes and is used as a filler in plastic surgery. However, according to WebMD, there is no evidence that applying it to the skin helps prevent or reverse aging.

Reservatrol is commonly found in red wine and cocoa, and is thought to be good for the heart if ingested. One study by the University of Wisconsin showed putting it on the skin of mice helped prevent skin damage from ultraviolet radiation. However, a report by CBS News said that the research in Reservatrol’s anti-aging benefits is very limited.

In other words, there is a only a very tiny amount of scientific evidence to back the anti-aging claims of DermaKtive.

The DermaKtive Pitch

DermaKtive attempts to persuade you with factual info, wrapped around some impressive numbers and testimonials. First, there are “Myths Vs. Facts” as well helpful tips to prevent wrinkles, most of which are generally true. (For example quitting smoking and protecting your skin from the sun will help.)

They also tout results they say are from people using their skin care products, claiming 85% said their skin looked smoother, 95% saw a reduction in wrinkles after 2 weeks, and 90% said skin improved firmness after 4 weeks. However, they cite no clinical studies or other data as to where they get these numbers from.

They even have a testimonial from a “Dr. Z” – could they be hoping you confuse this person with Dr. Oz?

DermaKtive Costs…

Here’s where it gets tricky. If you go online and order direct from their main page, the cost is listed as $202.97 ($197 for a 30-day supply of each cream plus $5.97 shipping). They state you have a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping.

However, many consumers report being promised a “risk free” offer via this web page: which promises to send the DermaKtive AM for just $5.95 in shipping for a “trial bottle” – they are then told they can add the PM for another $5.95 in fees.

The AM offer expires 14 days from date of order and the PM expires 21 days; after which you will be billed $58 and $68 respectively unless you call to cancel. This means depending on when you receive it, you may have a very small time to try this product before you are billed. (We were told by a customer service representative that if you call within the trial period they will offer an extension.)

Also, with this offer you will be agreeing to monthly shipments of DermaKtive, costing $202.97 until you call to cancel.

Bottom Line: Is DermaKtive a Scam?

There are a lot of “red flags” for this company and their products. First of all, they currently have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, due to failure to respond to a consumer complaint and a lack of information about the company.

Second, there have been many negative online reviews about DermaKtive using deceptive billing practices, having confusing return policies, failing to ship products, and people having difficulties with customer service.

Third, there is little or no scientific evidence that their formulas work and no indication of the concentration of the active ingredients.

If DermaKtive still interests you, be sure you understand all their terms and conditions and privacy policy before ordering, and prepare to pay over $200.

If you have any problems with DermaKtive, please let us know below!