DermaBrilliance from ICTV is a device and a set of skincare products that promises to polish away visible signs of aging. They boast DermaBrilliance combines its random orbit skin polisher with Resurfacing Creams that contain micro diamonds and garnets that will remove cellular debris, revealing fresh, younger-looking skin underneath.

How does DermaBrilliance work to give me young looking skin?

DermaBrilliance claims it consists of a wand that has 2 heads: a low speed side for cleansing and a high-speed side for resurfacing. It also comes with 2 different teardrop-shaped brushes, a deep-cleansing head with long, flexible bristles and a soft, flat resurfacing head.

What they claim makes DermaBrilliance a great way to clean your skin is what they call a “random orbit rotation”, which they say mimics the movement of your hand (albeit a lot faster at 8,000 RPMs) allowing for deeper cleaning and penetration of creams. They state that as you age, your skin is covered in older, wrinkly skin. By using DermaBrilliance, they claim it will work at the cellular level to exfoliate dead skin and expose younger, wrinkle-free skin underneath. 

To use DermaBrilliance they instruct you to use each head for 2 minutes on your face with either the included skin creams or your own favorite brand, moving the device in a circular motion. They claim that the teardrop shape makes it able to get into all areas of your face easier (like around your nose and eyes) and combined with the rotation will work to completely refresh your skin. 

DermaBrilliance is said to come with an automatic timer that shuts off after 2 minutes so you don’t under (or over) cleanse and the device is waterproof and portable so it can be used in the shower. DermaBrilliance adds that it includes a plug-in base that recharges the wand after every use.

DermaBrilliance also promotes its diamond and garnet Resurfacing Cream, which they boast contains a full karat of micronized diamonds and over 100 karats of garnets. They state these tiny jewels are able to exfoliate the skin more effectively than other creams, yet is light and rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. 

How much is DermaBrilliance charging for their product?

DermaBrilliance promises a 100% risk-free trial for just a $14.95 “pack and preparation fee” for the first 30 days.

If you like DermaBrilliance, they instruct you to do nothing and your credit card will be billed $59.95 (which includes a $19.95 shipping fee) and then be billed an additional 2 payments of $39.95. 

Total price for DermaBrilliance Trial Offer = $154.80.

DermaBriliance trial kit includes:

  • DermaBrilliance rechargeable wand
  • Micronized diamond and garnet Resurfacing Cream
  • Teardrop shaped deep pore cleansing brush head
  • 2 soft skin teardrop shaped resurfacing heads
  • Apple Stem-Cell Cleanser
  • Stimulating massage head
  • Eye recovery cream
  • SPF 30 suncreen
  • Night nourish restorative serum
  • Day nourish moisturizing complex

In addition, when you sign up for the trial offer, you will be automatically enrolled in a program where they ship you a 60-day supply of the Resurfacing Cream every 2 months and charge you $29.95 per bottle for a total of $59.90. Additional products like the Apple Stem Cell cleanser and replacement heads can be purchased on their Products Page

DermaBrilliance Refund Information

DermaBrilliance customer service: 888-973-6679.

DermaBrilliance comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any shipping fees. They state if you don’t like DermaBrilliance and would like a refund, contact customer service. (You must also call to cancel the auto-shipment of DermaBrilliance Resurfacing Cream.)

Bottom Line: Is DermaBrilliance a great way to keep my skin young and clean?

Exfoliating the skin (aka gently removing the dead upper layer) is always a good way to keep a healthy glow. But there are a few things we’d like to point out about DermaBrilliance.

First, remember that this product is at least $154.80. The website has conflicting information, saying 3 payments of $39.95 on one page and then in the Terms and Conditions stating it’s 3 payments of $59.95. When we called customer service, they gave us a third pricing of $59.95 for the first payment, followed by 2 payments of $39.95.

In addition, you are automatically signed up for the bi-monthly shipment of the Resurfacing Cream and charged $59.90.

Do sonic brushes really work?

DermaBrilliance is a type of cleansing product sometimes referred to as a “sonic brush” that vibrates or rotates at a certain speed and is said to have special cleaning/exfoliating properties.

The most famous example are brushes made by Clarasonic (see our review here) that are said to oscillate at a sonic frequency of 300 movements per second. These don’t come cheap at $265 or about $100 more than DermaBrilliance.

But is all this extra “sonic” power worth the price? A podcast called the Beauty Brains devoted an entire episode to these types of devices, looking at the clinical evidence as to whether a high speed rotating brush is really better for skin. Her conclusion was that there is little proof using one of these machines is better than a washcloth and warm water for those with normal skin, but those with certain skin conditions (like acne vulgaris, pseudofolliculitis barbae and seborrheic dermatitis) may benefit from them.

Generally speaking, these devices are safe for your face, but if you use them too much you can end up doing more harm than good

Are diamond powders better for my skin?

The other main claim to fame for DermaBrilliance is its use of diamond and garnet particles, which they state will help you deeply penetrate and cleanse your skin. However, as we discovered in our article about Cheap Vs. Expensive Skin Creams, diamond powders like the ones in DermaBrilliance merely add to the price of the product without providing any extra benefit. 

Concluding Thoughts: DermaBrilliance may offer a convenient way to clean your face, as long as you don’t overdo it. Remember, there is no Fountain of Youth, so you can’t really scrub away deep wrinkles. The price isn’t as cheap as they’d like you to believe, and unless you unsubscribe you will end up paying an extra $59.90 every 2 months for a diamond powder cream that won’t work any better than an over-the-counter exfoliate.

Let us know your experience with DermaBrilliance below!

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