DermActive is an eye serum that the manufacturers claim will make you look several years younger in just 5 weeks. This is because they state DermActive contains ingredients that are rich in anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that will reverse dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around your eyes.

The DermActive Pitch

DermActive uses the allure of a “younger looking you” along with an alleged limited supply of a free trial to get you to try it. A warning pops up at the top of the site saying that “due to increased demand we cannot guarantee supply.” However, this is just a standard marketing trick to make you think they are running out and you are missing an opportunity. In reality, DermActive likely has plenty on hand to process your order. 

How DermActive Works

DermActive says its key ingredient is Glycene Soja, aka Soybean Oil, which they claim has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen. However, WebMD states Soybean Oil’s only proven use is as a mosquito repellant. 

Another ingredient listed is Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, also known as Ageriline, a synthetic peptide similar to Botox. They point to a study that they claim proves its effectiveness against wrinkles, but this was only done on mice

To use DermActive they instruct you to put it on twice daily around your eyes, morning and night, for 5 weeks. They insist DermActive will turn back the clock on your aging skin, reduce darkness under the eyes, and prevent future wrinkles.

DermActive Cost:

To get you to try DermActive they offer you a free trial bottle, but there is a lot of fine print attached to this. First, if you want it within 3-6 business days, they charge you $5 shipping but if you want it sooner (2-4 business days) it’s $15.

Then, you need to know that this trial period starts from the moment you order DermActive (not when you get it in the mail) and you only have 12 business days to cancel. That means, if you opt for the $5 shipment you may just have 6 business days to cancel and return the product; otherwise you will be shipped a ½ oz. bottle of DermActive each month be charged $79 every time. You can cancel future shipments but must pay for all products shipped and delivered.

DermActive does not allow for any refunds after the trial period. 

Bottom Line: Is DermActive a Scam?

Puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes are a vexing problem so it’s easy to see why DermActive can seem so tempting. However, let us remind you: a) there is no conclusive evidence that any of its ingredients are effective and b) the trial period is so short you are very likely to have to pay $79 and be enrolled in a sneaky auto-ship program before you’ve had the chance to really see if it works for you. 

In addition, the cosmetics industry is not subject to oversight by the FDA so it’s hard to really know if you are getting what they say you are. 

So, rather than spend $79 a month on a product that has no proof, here are a few natural suggestions to get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. First, cold cucumbers, tea bags, or cold spoons can work to reduce puffiness and the vitamin C from lemon juice has been shown to have skin lightening properties (more home remedies can be found here).  

But the surest way to look younger is to get a good night’s rest and if you smoke, quit. Also, reducing stress can take years off the way you look, and make you feel better as well!

Let us know your experience with DermActive below!