DaVInci Pro from Idea Village bills itself as a 3-in-1 slicing tool that lets you create a “work of art” with your food. The bright green handheld device claims to be a combo of a peeler, knife, and mandolin (the slicing kind, not the musical instrument).  They promise DaVInci Pro is razor-sharp, durable, and will even make slicing foods more fun.

But is DaVInci Pro a “must-have” utensil for the kitchen or is it just a gimmick? Let’s go to the commercial and see!

The DaVInci Pro Pitch

DaVInci Pro has hired “ShamWow” Guy Vince Offer (born Offer Shlomi) who has made a career of hocking weird products on TV. Vince is charismatic, full of energy, and the commercial is a lot of fun – at one point he throws a traditional Cuisinart through a window. He also uses slightly off-color phrases like “me so hungry,” “pull your wiener out” (referring to a hot dog) and “cut the cheese” to win you over and make you giggle. To show you that the DaVInci Pro is as sharp as his tongue, Vince uses it to slice through tree bark and then he cuts the delicate skin off of a tomato.

How DaVInci Pro Works

DaVInci Pro is fluorescent green and fits in the palm of your hand. It basically has three different functions: thin peeling, thick slicing, and chopping with the mandolin.

To use DaVInci Pro, decide what you want to eat and how you are going to slice and select the appropriate blade. Vince suggests you can use the peeler to remove skin from fruits or veggies, shave bits or chocolate, or cut corn from the cob. With the slicer, he says you can slice avocados, bananas, or potatoes and flip the setting to adjust the thickness. You can select the mandolin to slice long pieces of tofu or make arty cuts of zucchini; he adds you can even use it to slice off layers of meat.

The DaVInci Pro says you can hold it by the Pro-Grip handle and they promise it won’t slip. Alternately, it has an attachment they claim can clip to a bowl or pot which lets you use with less mess.

DaVInci Pro Costs HOW Much?

$26.97 – Vince attempts to make this go down easier by saying it’s just $14.99 plus shipping and handling and they’ll throw in a folding cutting board free. But the fine print reveals that the shipping is $6.99 and the handling fee for the cutting board is another $4.99 so you are paying an extra $11.98 in fees.

DaVInci Pro comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (minus that $11.98 and what it costs you to ship back). They also offer a Lifetime Replacement Warranty that, according to a customer service representative, has no additional charges except what it costs you in postage to send the defective unit back.

Bottom Line: Is DaVInci Pro a Scam?

Vince Offer is an extremely persuasive pitchman with millions of ShamWows and Slap Chops sold and this product may indeed be as much of a cut-up as they say; we also appreciate the Lifetime Warranty. But there are a few things we think we should point out:

  • First, this is an “As Seen On TV” product. In spite of their hype, stuff bought based on a TV infomercial tend to disappoint consumers in real-world applications.
  • Second, if you do return it, you’re still going to be out $11.98 plus what it costs to ship back.
  • Third, when you buy the product, you are signing an arbitration agreement that takes away the right to sue them if you lop off your finger while using DaVInci Pro.
  • Finally, you also give up your privacy, as their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via telephone, email, or regular mail with other products (and it probably won’t be Vince calling you either); they can also give this information to third parties whenever they feel like it.

In other words, while this may seem like a great tool and awesome deal there are some caveats to mull about before you click “Process Order.”

What do you think?