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Customer at Wal Mart

Feb 6, 2017 | | TX

First of all, I like the camera, but sometimes, when I turn it on, I get a white screen, so I am not sure if it's recording. Next problem, images appear sideways and upside down. Cannot get motion to stay on and was not able to set correct time and date. When it works it is fine, comes on when car is started, but I have not checked quality of video yet.

DashCam Pro

Nov 20, 2018 | | Illinois

The camera is probably on the lower range of dash cameras. However it has served me OK. The modes and instructions can be difficult and hard to maneuver through, unless you do it on a regular basis. I did learn one little trick, after being frustrated by the nut that is supposed to keep it in position. It loosens, after time and your camera ends up aimed at anywhere, but where you set it. Take a piece of electrical tape and cut it so that fits around half the thread. Rescrew the nut back up the shaft. The tape makes the shaft tighter and your camera won't move. It forms a tighter connection. Makes me happy now.

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