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DashCam Blow

Dec 30, 2016 | | Yakima, Washington

In all fairness I need to state that the version I have is 720 HD purchased in August 2016 from RiteAid for $50.

Purchased it after the 2nd time the car was hit while parked and the drivers simply drove away. The first time I lost a tail light but the 2nd hit crunched my hood and something like this could have helped, maybe, if I had one on my windshield and it was recording.

The idea and so called features are a great idea. Unfortunately It seems that the quality is severely affected by its price. The unit plugs into a standard cigarette lighter/port. There is a battery that will record maybe a half hour when fully charged. There is a record on and off but there is no power off (720 HD version) so if you do want to turn it off, you must unplug it and remove the battery or risk draining your battery, which does not charge quickly.

The motion detect is sadly, undependable at night. When it does detect movement, it records for about 9 seconds and stops. As you continue driving in traffic, in the daylight, it works about the same but notices traffic much better. If you're parked in a parking lot, and you're hit, the camera may catch the collision if the other vehicle is moving slow enough. Otherwise it may not start recording until after your vehicle is hit. I don't use motion detect any more because it is not dependable.

There is a day setting and a night setting. In the day you can read a license plate. At night you hopefully can make out the type of vehicle. The night vision LEDs are rendered useless by the windshield and its angle in front of the camera. The plastic is not the worst but you do need to handle it with respect or risk snapping something off. But if it's stuck to the windshield, how much handling could there be?

If you use a windshield shade in the summer, you have to modify it or remove the camera. Removing the camera defeats the purpose. But the sun tends to affect the suction. Finding it on the floor is not uncommon. The way they designed the folding down screen lasted for a few months until a piece popped off one day and now the screen hangs tilted. I'm currently attempting to get plastic cement to remedy the problem, (right type of plastic) but the design is making it a challenge. Its other features work but there is nothing too outstanding except the length of the power cord - about 11 feet.

I should had returned the camera the day I purchased it. I opened the box to discover this video camera does not include a SD card. Careful inspection of the box eventually disclosed the location for them, informing the buyer there is no memory card. Underneath on the bottom of the box. When was the last time you turned a package over to look for something that may not be included? Don't get me wrong. It is better than nothing. But the word Pro describes nothing professional about the camera except those who provided it.

Make your own and have a dependable system that covers 360 degrees around your vehicle, plays DVDs, and whatever else you choose to install. (More cameras, different software for surveillance, etc.) It may cost more. But you will have what you want when you want it, and more importantly when you need it.

Power cord went belly up

Dec 21, 2016 | | Bullhead City, AZ

Been using data cam pro since I received it in on Dec 6, 1016. The power cord went belly up. The last recording was on the 17th. Found out today the power cord is bad. Not very good for something that is never moved.

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