Dash Cam Pro is a small camera you stick on your car windshield that claims to capture video every time you drive. They state it has full HD resolution, image stabilization, motion detection and its SD card holds 14 hours of recorded time. They state you can use this captured video images to help with any driving-related legal hassles.

How Dash Cam Pro Works

Dash Cam Pro is a small camera and swiveling view screen with a suction mount to stick to your windshield; actual dimensions were not available. To use Dash Cam Pro, they claim it’s as simple as mounting to the windshield, pulling down the video screen, and driving around. Then, if you have a run-in with the law they state you can “go to the videotape” meaning you can replay Dash Cam Pro to disprove the allegations and possibly get you out of a ticket or insurance claim.

Some notable features of Dash Cam Pro include: start on ignition, auto-adjust from dark to light, full HD with 120 degree wide angle video, motion detection, charging cord, and endless loop recording. They add you can hook it up to a laptop to download your video as well as print pictures.

Dash Cam Pro Will Run You:

$46.94 ($39.99 plus $6.95 S&H). If you buy a second Dash Cam Pro, they will give you free shipping, which will make the total $78.98 for 2.

Dash Cam Pro has a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping fees and what it costs you in postage to return it.

Bottom Line: Is Dash Cam Pro a Good Cam?

Dash Cams are all the rage in Russia and have slowly been gaining popularity here in the U.S. of A. It’s easy to understand why: a video recording can come in handy in case of an accident or other altercation. However, dash cams are not legal everywhere here, so you may want to check if it’s OK in your area.

Especially for the price, Dash Cam Pro seems promising; however this product is very new so we couldn’t find any customer reviews. Looking over its features, Dash Cam Pro does seem to include some of the most important ones a dash cam should have, including full HD (1080p), loop record, ignition on, and motion detection, which marks the video if it senses any impact, making the footage easy to locate and prevent accidental erasure.

According to our research, one of the best-reviewed dash cams in the same price category is the Novatek G1W 1080p, which has similar features but retails for around $60. If you live in a warmer climate, the G1W-C has a capacitor instead of a battery, which is said to improve operations in warmer temperatures and reduce worry about battery performance.

Will Dash Cam Pro be as good as the G1W? Well, it certainly beats it in terms of price. However, as with most “As Seen On TV,” products it’s unclear at this juncture how long Dash Cam Pro will last beyond its 30-day guarantee.

Let us know your experience with Dash Cam Pro below!