Cycluum Power Vac from Tristar Products claims to be a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that’s the side of your hand. They boast it weighs under 3 lbs. and yet has full-sized power of 750 Watts and will work on all surfaces. Cycluum claims with its 7 attachments and bag-less filter you can use it to clean your house from ceiling to floor, including blinds. 

How Cycluum Power Vac Works

Cycluum looks like a miniaturized upright vacuum cleaner made of a bright purple plastic. Actual dimensions were not given, but it is said to fit in the palm of your hand and weigh under 3 lbs. Cycluum Power Vac also boasts it has 750 watts and 68 inches of water (iow), two ratings which they say show that it is extremely powerful.

Cycluum says it can be used on any kind of surface and with its telescoping attachment you can use it to clean drapes or cobwebs as well as tackle pet hair or glass. They promise the bag-less filter is easy to clean and you won’t hurt your back lifting or using their lightweight vacuum.

Cycluum Power Vac Cost:

$79.83, listed as $59.99 plus $9.99 handling and $9.99 for an Accessory Kit containing storage caddy and dyer lint removal tool, which is the default. If you don’t want the kit, you switch the radio button to “No.”

Cycluum Power Vac comes with a 60-day money back guarantee minus shipping and handling and what it costs to send back. They also include a 60-day limited warranty that excludes normal wear and tear and you must pay $9.99 in shipping fees to cover the replacement.

Bottom Line: Does Cycluum SUCK?

Cycluum Power Vac (and vacuum cleaners in general) are the only products you really want to suck. Cycluum may indeed have some vacuuming power, especially relative to its size, but there are some things to consider.

First, according to Tristar, Cycluum Power Vac is in the testing phase (as of March 2015) – this means not only do they not have very much information available about their product, they are also testing demand. This could lead to longer shipping times, if indeed it gets enough orders for them to go into mass production.

Second, because of its small size and weight, while it probably looks cute, it will not hold very much dirt or be able to cover a lot of ground. 

How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

So how do you buy a vacuum cleaner? In this day and age, it can be quite difficult as there is a head-spinning variety of choices, even within one brand.

Some important things to consider: do you have wood floors or carpeting, own any pets, or a flight of stairs. Also, do you need one with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter for allergies? (Cycluum does not have a HEPA filter.)

Then, when it comes to comparing models, things can get tricky. According to BestVacuum, a site that sells a variety of makes and models, the best way to directly compare two units is by their input power, as measured in watts. However, some manufacturers only provide amps. In addition, Water Lift, Air Watts and Airflow are also important factors. (Cycluum only provides Water Lift.) Read more here.

We also found a few more tools to help you get the most suck for your buck: A Side By Side Comparison Tool you can use for popular vacuum cleaner models. Also, SmartReview’s Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide offers an in-depth look at what they consider the best vacs on the market, from uprights to Roombas.  

Some of the most popular products are Bissel Symphony (combo steam and vacuum cleaner) and Shark Rotator which are larger, heavier, and retail for $100 more than Cycluum. If you are looking to go high-end, Dyson Ball Vacs start at $449. All of these vacuums have at least a 1-year warranty.

Let us know your experience with Cycluum, was it a handy and powerful or too small to be useful?

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