Curb Appeal from Prime Direct Brands bills itself as a safe, non-toxic, and easy way to make faded mulch look new in minutes. Curb Appeal states it’s very easy to apply and will color or recolor your existing much and last for up to 9 months.

How Exactly Does Curb Appeal Work?

Curb Appeal doesn’t reveal what’s in their formula, except to say it’s all natural and uses the same colors as mulch manufacturers. These colors are listed as Cocoa Brown, Sierra Red, and Black Forest.

To use Curb Appeal, they instruct you to mix with water and spray – they promise each bottle covers 300 square feet and is safe for pets, plants, and wildlife. In a few minutes, you’ll have brightly colored bark as beautiful as the day you first laid it down. Curb Appeal touts that using their product will make your existing mulch last longer, saving you the time and hassle of re-mulching every season.

What are they Charging for a Bottle of Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal states that they have a special double offer where 2 bottles are just $10 for shipping and handling. But, if you look at the small print, you’ll notice that they charge $7.95 in processing and handling for the first bottle of Curb Appeal and then another $7.95 in fees for the second – this means the true total is $25.90 for 2 bottles of Curb Appeal. In addition, after checkout they state you can add a pump sprayer for $14.95.

Curb Appeal Money Back Guarantee and Refund Info

Curb Appeal and Prime Direct Brands say they have a 30-day money back guarantee; however, this is only for the initial $10 purchase price, not any of the tacked-on fees. This means, even if you return Curb Appeal they will still make $15.90 off of you.

Curb Appeal Customer Service Number: (877) 263-8683.

Bottom Line: Is Curb Appeal a Great Way to Revitalize My Mulch?

The idea behind Curb Appeal certainly has appeal for homeowners tired of re-mulching every time their bark gets dull. We couldn’t find any customer reviews of Curb Appeal and the BBB has no information on Prime Direct Brands (but we know they also sell the WindoBully).

We would also like to remind you that the hidden pricing of Curb Appeal makes it more than twice as expensive as they say and is money you won’t get back even if you request a refund. This is usually a “red flag” at BrightReviews as they make money off of you whether it works or not.

We also don’t really know what’s in Curb Appeal, although they promise it’s safe and natural. Generally speaking, we recommend when buying chemical products and dyes that you purchase ones with clear labeling information from a trusted source.

Alternatives to Curb Appeal

Mulch dye is a popular new concept, but Curb Appeal is hardly the only player in the game. We found a gallon of Enviro Color that sells for $24.99 on Amazon, which covers 2400 square feet. (That’s 4 times the amount of coverage of Curb Appeal.)

Earth Shades is another company that sells various sizes of natural mulch dyes; a half-gallon sells for $28.75 and covers 1500 square feet.

Mulch Dye Pros and Cons

And while mulch dyes like Curb Appeal and others seem like a promising idea, there are some things to remember. First, this spray-on dye will only re-color the topmost layer, and any time the wind, a cat, a person or any other critter disturbs it, it will expose the bland under layer. Therefore, you may have to do more upkeep than you would with a new layer of mulch.

Some mulch dye users suggest dying the mulch early in the season before everything is blooming and growing as it becomes harder to spray the dye without getting it on the flora.

Other lawn care professionals question the value of mulch dye as they say it often looks fake and the same thing can be accomplished by turning over your mulch or adding a topping layer to an existing mulch bed for much cheaper. (They also point out that mulch decomposes, so you do need to replace it regularly.)

We hope this taught you a little more about mulch and mulch dye. Let us know your experience with Curb Appeal below!

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