Crystal Smooth Hair Remover touts that it is an innovative way to painlessly remove hair without any irritation or razor burn. Crystal Smooth Hair Remover claims that its secret is its micro crystal surface, that when rubbed against your skin, completely removes the hair and will leave it as soft as a baby’s bottom.

How does Crystal Smooth Hair Remover remove hair painlessly?

Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is a small oval-shaped device that fits in your hand with a base said to be covered with micro crystals – kind of like sandpaper for the skin. They state that by simply rubbing in a circular motion on your skin, it will gently and painlessly “rub out” all the hair there; they add that the rough surface also works as a great way to remove dead skin.

The result, they claim, from using Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is a smooth epidermis that is completely hair free. They promise Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is easier than shaving, much less painful than other methods, and cheaper than going to the salon. Crystal Smooth Hair Remover promises you can use their hair-removing device on your arms, legs, underarms, upper lip, chin, and bikini line. No matter where you rub the Crystal Smooth Hair Remover, they promise that there will be no pain, stubble or irritation.

What does Crystal Smooth Hair Remover cost me to buy online?

In spite of the fact that they claim Crystal Smooth Hair Remover sells for $14.99 and if you buy one you get one free, the fact is they charge you $6.99 in shipping and handling fees for both the first and supposedly “free” second set. This makes the true total $28.97 for the product, which includes 2 body size, 2 mini size, and 2 travel kits.  

Is there a refund offered for Crystal Smooth Hair Remover?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. BUT remember, this only is for the $14.99 list price and NOT the $13.98 in fees they charge on top of it. In addition, you must pay to ship it back to them. In other words, it’s going to cost you more than $13.98 just to try it out.

Crystal Smooth Hair Remover customer service number: 844-249-3002.

Bottom Line: Is Crystal Smooth Hair Remover a cool tool to get rid of unwanted hair on my body?

Perhaps. We couldn’t find specific reviews of Crystal Smooth Hair Remover, because  as of this writing the product was still new. However, there are still some important things we can remind you of. First and foremost, their deceptive pricing tactic means that it costs almost double the $14.99 list price, half of which you won’t get back even if you return it.

Because of this fact alone, we would suggest waiting until Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is available online from Amazon or any other retailer, where shipping will be less money and you won’t be forced to buy 2. But better yet, we suggest waiting until it is in your local CVS or similar store that has an “As Seen On TV” aisle. Here’s a secret: even though they say it’s not available in stores, the reality is these companies sell most of their products via retail – the infomercial works as cheap advertising. So when you see it in your store in a few weeks, usually at a lower price, you’ll be more likely to buy it!

Do these types of “crystal” hair removers really work?

In spite of the claims of the commercial, Crystal Smooth Hair Remover is hardly a new concept in hair removing tools. For example, Nina Silk is a product we’ve reviewed before that claims to have a patented crystal surface. “It is quite easy and painless, but still the hair doesn't go off from the root. The hair grows on the second day,” noted a consumer on our site, who added that it wasn’t worth the price.

Over at our sister publication Highya, consumers have mixed opinions on the product, where it averages 3.4 stars. While some claim it works great for them, others complain it does very little or nothing at all to remove hair.

Basically speaking, with any of these crystal hair-removing products you are rubbing a very fine piece of sandpaper on your skin, which may be fine for some but not so much for those who are more sensitive. Doing this may indeed break the hairs and gently exfoliate, but since you are not getting hair at the roots, it will likely grow back pretty quickly. Still, the fact that you don’t need any lotions or waxes appeals to some women who use them.

How to remove unwanted hair from your body

Ahhh, the age-old dilemma – women have been trying to get rid of unwanted hairs since at least the ancient Babylonians. Basically, you have several different choices: you can shave, you can wax, you can use creams, you can pluck with tweezers or use an epilator that pulls hairs from the roots, or you can go “permanent” with laser hair removal.

All of these, of course, have their pros and cons. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, your tolerance of pain and your budget will dictate which one works best for you. For a comprehensive overview, you may want to check out the Epilator Girl blog. She focuses more on epilators than other options (hence, the name) but has opinions on shavers, lotions, and home waxing as well. 

You should also read the FDA’s guide entitled Removing Hair Safely that goes over the upsides and downsides to many options available to consumers.

Did this help? Let us know what you think as well as your experience with Crystal Hair Remover below.

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