Crumb Bug looks like a giant red-and-black ladybug; it’s essentially a handheld sweeper they say picks up messes like crumbs, spilled kitty litter, and even broken glass. They say just to roll over the spill and in one pass all the debris is “picked up” by the Crumb Bug and can be easily dumped in the trash.

The Crumb Bug Pitch

A child’s cookie, a piece of dangerous broken glass, or scattered craft items are shown littering the floor or countertop. Aussie Pitchman Phil Parker touts the Crumb Bug will pick all of this up in seconds, without having to resort to picking up pieces by hand or pull out the “bulky” vacuum cleaner. (We guess he’s hoping you’ve never heard of a “broom” or a “dust buster.”) They also boast it’s perfect for craft lovers and designers and is compact enough to fit in a drawer.

Just to be Clear: How the Crumb Bug Works

Crumb Bug’s claims its secret is the “rotating, sweeping bristles” which appear to turn as you move the critter across the mess. They also refer to it as a “handheld brush vac” that “sweeps” away litter. In other words, there is no suction.

Once you’ve swept up, they say you can easily remove the Crumb Bug’s spotted shell and dump the items in the trash, or, if they’re reusable crafts, back into their storage container.

Crumb Bug Costs

$16.99 ($10 retail plus $6.99 S&H). They offer you a second Crumb Bug for another $6.99 in fees. Note these fees are non-refundable, even if you return the Crumb Bug within the allowed 30-day period. You must pay to ship it back yourself, as well as include a written explanation as to why you are returning it or they could say “nay” to your request.

Bottom Line: Is Crumb Bug a Scam?

Crumb Bug rates high on the “cuteness” scale, but on the practicality scale, we think not so much. Why? Because it’s essentially a rotating broom. As we mentioned, there is no suction, it won’t pick up any wet messes, and we wonder how it will perform on surfaces like shag carpeting (they don’t say).

And let’s pull the curtain to reveal the “wizard” behind this product: Telebrands! They’ve been in the “As Seen On TV” business for 30 years, selling products just like this: items that look cool, cute, or useful at first glance, but upon closer inspection have very little real-world value. In this case, a kid might find the Crumb Bug to be a “fun” way to clean up, but an adult will probably do better with a broom or real vacuuming device.

If you add the fact that Telebrands’ privacy policy allows them to solicit you with other products over the phone, via email, or snail mail, as well as allow “strategic partners” to do the same, is Crumb Bug such a great value? We suspect not.

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